Friday, January 4, 2013

mom in the 60's and my rant on plastic surgery

a little watercolour of mom in the early 1960's...

I think women were so beautiful then.

Natural beauties.

Unlike today,
where almost everyone has a fake something 
by the age of 50.

at least in Hollywood.
Actually, in Hollywood, it's by the age of 30.

I laugh whenever i see celebrities
who look more and more alike
with their plastic nose jobs
and joker-like smiles.

nah... that's definitely not beauty.

and just in case you feel like laughing too...

(welcome to my dark side!)

Carrot Top...

Joan Rivers

Kenny Rogers

Melanie Griffith

this one may make you cry rather than laugh...
Michael Jackson

How can anyone look up to this as
something they want to become?

Can you say: delusional?

Let's all try to focus on the parts that really matter, kay?

Like our hearts
and our minds
and yes, our wrinkles... :-)

Because to wrinkle is to be human. :-)


  1. Lovely portrait of your mom.
    I wish people did not resort to plastic surgery, too. :(
    Have a great weekend, Pauline!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  2. Agreed!!! Yes women were beautiful back then. But youth on the whole is beautiful.

    Sadly our world is way too vanity based. I'm thankful I have brought my daughter up to have pride in her natural self.

    Cupcake, and Beardo saw Carrot top in vegas last year and said his looks had improved, he didn't look as bad as he previously had with plastic surgery.I guess he got the drift after seeing some of the photos and backed off!

    Love the watercolor of your mom!!I recognize that looks like my mom or my aunt...represents that era perfectly!!Impressive!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I completely agree! I have loved Dolly Parton for years, but now it pains me to look at her. The same with Kenny Rogers....So sad. And they both have a lot of natural beauty.

  4. That's a very nice watercolor of your Mom. And a great post (I just finished watching Sleepless in Seattle and remarked to DH how pretty Meg Ryan used to be before her plastic surgery. But, I have to say, it's h___ getting old - I mean really old. Here's a post from a few days ago that I did:

  5. So sad to see Melanie Griffith looking like that, she was so pretty and sparkling. I've always thought the most beautiful movie star was Jessica Tandy in Fried Green Tomatoes. She had inner and outer beauty.
    That stretched skin, the revolting shiny huge lips, and skeleton bodies absolutely spoil movies.

    Why would anyone want their child to go into acting or the pop business with all the problems that arise in their lives. I can't watch A Knight's Tale without feeling so sad for Heath Ledger.

    Your mom was so beautiful, such a lovely watercolour and so reminiscent of the 60s - my time. Everyone looked cleaner and better dressed. Surely our lines and wrinkles show the pain and pleasure we've had in our lives.

    Ah well, at least I was lucky enough to live through pleasanter times.

  6. Beautiful watercolour of your mum! Growing old naturally and gracefully is much more preferably than growing increasingly plastic! Some scary faces you've shared in your posts!

  7. What a beautiful picture...oh yes, the lamp and the wallpaper, and her glasses...and her sitting like that, with her legs crossed at the ankle!!!! Again, you amaze me at how you always capture the little things!!! She was definitely a beautiful plastic surgery needed there!

  8. Lovely watercolor, really nice 60's atmosphere!
    Oh yes, the quest for eternal youth through plastic surgery- sad and bound to fail eventually...

  9. Even as she lay dying, my Mom, without her usual layer of makeup, which she loved, was real and beautiful - blessed with amazing skin and hair that was still salt and pepper at 87 - she was, as I said, real and beautiful. Thanks for reminding me about this. And I love the portrait of your Mom.

    The loss of a mother, while perhaps expected, is just so profound.

  10. I do so agree although there is something fascinating about Joan Rivers who is so honest about all her surgery. Personally, if I could afford it I would get rid of my double chin and I would have an eye lid lift as it bugs me. I would not do anything else because I have no need. My skin is good at 67 and I see no point. I would rather look like "nanny" and I have earned all my wrinkles.

  11. That portrait of your mom made me smile. I love that retro look - right off a polaroid. Nicely done. Happy PPF

  12. Oh yes, that was the 60's style.You've captured it beautifully too! I SO agree with the plastic surgery thing-my hubby always says "do they not ever see what they really look like in the mirror and in photos"??? Happy PPF!

  13. Loving your painting, spot on for the 60's, you have drawn and painted such terrific details. Happy PPF, Annette x

  14. A very sweet painting of your mother, and a scene that is very familiar to me. The way I see it, I've earned every one of my wrinkles! nancy

  15. Your totally captured what the sixties looked like. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I wonder who is that woman but then I remember its me. It is funny to feel like sixteen but look exactly like the age you are. As I wrote this, I just realized who cares how old I look it really is about how young I feel. Thanks once again Pauline for reminding me what is important.

  16. That's a lovely portrait Pauline...I totally love the retro feel!!! Beautifully captured!!! And yes, I am a complete NO - NO to plastic surgery and the like. It's like awful distortion:(

  17. LOVE the portrait of your Mom. A classic beauty for sure. As for the rest...yikes!!

  18. Keep meaning to say how much I love your new photo as well! xx