Monday, January 28, 2013

art in paint, in sand, in words, and in music

Melancholy were the sounds on a winter's night.
- Virginia Woolf

i've been away from the sketchbooks for a few days,
thanks to a migraine. I get them now and then.

Whenever i get them,
the world stands still for a few days -
but i'm happily back to the drawing table again. :-)

I just finished this a few minutes ago -
this is acrylic on paper...

there may have been a left brain/right brain thing
happening here...

I only noticed after i got the basic blue paint on there
that it was rather symmetrical.
and then of course, you just KNOW i'm gonna find a face. ;-)

These shapes just looked like eyes to me,
and a nose, and mouth.
a few added white dots, and it's done.

The hardest thing for me (as an artist)
is knowing when to stop.
Then, time for a little collage/painting
 a few leaf shapes...
added circles and acrylic paint...
 a few details...
Painting abstracts always helps me let go
of the need to know the meaning of the painting.

It's very freeing to paint something
that doesn't NEED to look like anything.
At least for me it is.
And while i was recuperating on the couch,
i read this book again.

I absolutely love the soft illustrations in this book
and the story is such a fragile one...

about a young boy (HervĂ©) who loses his father...
Such a gentle way to share an overwhelming loss...

I leave you with this 8 minute video on sand art.

Some of you may have seen it already,
but i'm sharing it anyway,
because i not only find the art beautiful,
but i love music as well
and it's a wonderful reminder
that art extends much further
than the pencil or the paint brush.

Art is about communicating.
Across the oceans,
across different cultures,
across generations.

I don't know what that song is at 5:05,
nor what he is saying,
but it's one of the saddest songs
i've ever heard...


  1. So good to see you and your white dots :). I love sand art too!
    Stay inspired!

  2. Both your paintings are beautiful, can't choose between them, but the painting derived from the collage is very interesting. The first one does remind me of the feelings of migraine in fact. Great art.

  3. Love your paintings ... glad your migraine is over.Loved the video too

  4. Love your work and I am a sand art fan is magical and very inspiring :)

  5. The sandart video is outstanding! Thank you for sharing. I agree the music is so sad, coupled with the story from the art, just makes me want to cry. Art is about connecting with others as well. Glad to see you back again. :-)

  6. Hi Pauline,
    There is a song that lives in me called, "I Grieve" by Peter Gabriel. If you have Spotify, you can listen to the whole song for free. There can be so much power in music and this is one of the pieces with such power.
    I enjoy your art- and am a fellow migraine sufferer. One has been following me around for days just clunking and sputtering.
    I hope you feel better and am sending you a virtual hug. Hang in there, girl.

  7. Hello Pauline, I had seen this video before, it was great to see it again, it's quite magical! Your abstract pieces are lovely, I especially like the collage one! I agree it is so liberating to paint and draw anything that doesn't have to be something!

  8. I love both your pieces, thanks for sharing the step by step photos! Really cool stuff, I particularly like the bold shapes you added to the second one.

  9. Love your abstracts, Pauline. Nice balance and design, but I also think the colors are great.

  10. Hello, Pauline. I have been thinking about you. Things have been stressful and frequently sad, but getting in some art now and then is praceful. Your work is playful and thoughtful too. I like visiting here. Migraines are a frstrating thing, hope you are feeling much better. I do love your leaves and circles! K