Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leonard Cohen

There is a crack in everything,
that's how the light gets in.

- Leonard Cohen

I love Leonard Cohen.

An incredible Canadian musician,

I used my music sheet book for the painting,
even though there were more words on the page than music notes.

Maybe it was deliberate.

I love the words in his face...

He just recorded a new album called OLD IDEAS.

I'm in love
with a 77 year old man
and his songs.



  1. I'm inspired by the furious pace of your creativity. It's wonderful to see you "crankin 'em out", Girl. Every piece speaks to me on some level. Thank you.

  2. Love it!!
    I can "feel" the passion in his face ((sigh))
    No joke, this is great!!! wow, wow, wow
    Thank you for sharing... your incredible talents, always. <3

  3. Pauline I love that line on how the cracks let the light in, beautiful!! And your painting, wow, a truly great piece, I can feel the passion as he sings.

  4. Awesome portrait!! My hubby just bought his new CD. I think he has a complete Leonard Cohen collection. I've written a few poems triggered by poems of his and have his book "Stranger Music".
    Stay inspired!

  5. I love him too! What a wonderful portrait of him you created! I will have to check out his new CD. Have a good week, Gina from CED

  6. Sadly, I never heard Leonard Cohen until just a couple years ago. How I missed him all these years is a wonder. Love him, too. This is a great painting! You have really captured his likeness. Great job!! :)

  7. A wonderful tribute to a very talented and unique singer.

    I never knew he was Canadian - you learn something new every day :)

  8. I like the words in his face, too--and it's cool how the music running vertically down his shoulder hints of a striped pattern on his suit. You have such a way with portraits! Wonderful.

  9. What a wonderful portrait and choice of colors. It has so much feeling! Great job!!

  10. I saw Leonard Cohen in concert a couple of years ago and can still feel his music in me. It was simply life changing. You've captured him beautifully.

  11. I like Leonard Cohen alot! And this rendering is wonderful, particularly on the music sheet> Bravo!!

  12. I love him too..and I love your paintings .. and postings!


    xxx Susi from Austria

    Flower -Month at Art Journal Journey

  13. Thank you all for the wonderful comments...

    Michelle: i love your husband already. ;-)


  14. I agree- the words are fantastic there! Your admiration for him shows in such a heartfelt piece of art!

  15. I love Leonard Cohen too, his music and lyrics are just brilliant, and your portrait of him is awesome!

  16. I am in love with him too. My husband are I have tickets to his concert this coming Sunday in Portland, OR. I am breathless with anticipation. We saw him at the same venue in Dec. 2010 and it was the best concert I have ever seen.

  17. p.s. I was gushing so much about the man that I failed to tell you how much I love your portrait of him!

  18. This is beautiful ... you captured the intensity of his truth.

    Andrea @ From The Sol