Friday, February 10, 2012

little houses, pépére, and stuff

I've had a few people send me emails lately,
telling me they've had problems leaving comments on my blog.
I've checked my settings & everything looks ok
but who knows...

For those of you who are able to leave comments,
i read them with a smile on my face & tuck them 
safely in my heart. :-)

So here are my little houses...

watercolour & white pen on paper.

I've felt a little stuck in the mud lately.

Maybe i need a trip to Bali, or Australia, or France? 

I find myself reading my little quotes
more often than usual these days...
needing the extra boost.

This is one of my favorites...

A quote by Steve Jobs and a print by an artist i love
from the Boston area, Mae Chevrette.

Check her out here.

I think it's important to feel inspired in our work spaces.

I try to surround myself with a few things 
that inspire me - this being one of them.

My grandfather made this years ago,
carved in one piece of wood,
and he was so proud of the fact
that he didn't cut or glue anything together.

Like many others of his generation
he had very little education.

He couldn't read or write,
but he worked hard his entire life
and provided for his family - 13 children.

I have memories of my grandmother
sitting at the kitchen table with him
trying to teach him to read.

He spent any spare time he had in his basement,
carving wood. 

He had carved an entire little village down there,
with horse drawn carriages and houses and churches
and fences and roads...

When he died years ago,
I inherited this.

More precious to me than gold
because it reminds me of who he was, at heart.
An artist.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Do at least one thing that you love.
Celebrate the fact that you are an artist.

The world needs more of us.


  1. Your grandfather sounds like an amazing man. His carved art is priceless!

  2. Re. comments - If you change your comment format over to a Pop-up comment box, it will solve your readers' issues. If they are using Internet Explorer, they will also find that installing Firefox or Chrome instead of Internet Explorer will solve the problem too. The embedded comment form uses HTML5 coding which Internet Explorer doesn't support too well at all. Other browsers update regularly which enables them to keep up with the new HTML5 coding...unfortunately, IE only upgrades their browser once a year, sometimes, longer.

  3. Thank you Serena! i just changed it... hopefully, comment issues will be resolved. So kind of you to take the time... Happy weekend! xoxo

  4. Your little houses are gorgeous, Pauline! I also love that print by Mae Chevrette. Thanks for providing a link.

    Your grandfather was an amazing and talented man. How special it is that you have this lovely piece of art made by him.

    Have a great weekend! xo

  5. No worries, Pauline. I hope it solves the issues your readers are having. :)

  6. I love your pretty-colored houses and their squiggly little smoke trails! And what a wonderful story about your grandfather--how cool that he had built a whole village in the basement! Definitely an artist at heart.

  7. Pauline, I love your little houses but honestly the carved wooden piece by your grandfather and the bit you shared about him touched my heart. (((hugs)))

  8. Cool that you know where you got your artistic talent from... great story about your grandfather and nice that you have that to remind you of him... happy ppf

  9. I love the woodcarving! My FIL used to make that kind too! Amazing!
    And I love those happy houses

  10. I love your wonderful post. The houses are so lovely, colorful and heartwarming.

  11. Your little houses are delightful!
    how wonderful that you have that carved memento of your grandfather, so true that it is worth more than gold! Patsy from

  12. What a lovely post!!! First of all I love your cute houses and the swirly smoke from their chimneys. I really liked those quotes too sometimes I think I should read quotes and things for inspiration it really makes me think! :0)

    Lastly what a wonderful piece made by your grandfather and such a sweet story, he sounded like a very talented man!!! It was very fitting that I read this post today as it's my grandfathers birthday today and I miss him dearly (he passed away about 6 years ago now). He loved to paint in his spare time and never studied an art class as such but he had a natural talent!! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  13. Love your watercolors!! And I know what you mean about quotes, I sometimes more than others need to read them for the inspiration. That is a great one by Jobs and mae's art is spectacular!! Looks great framed! Wishing you a great weekend!

  14. Your painting is so pretty and I love the quote. The carving by your grandfather is incredible. It's so neat that you have such wonderful memories of your grandparents and such a meaningful memento.

  15. I love your little houses, they are so colorful and happy!

  16. Hi Pauline! I love your little houses... so cute and colorful! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! My daughter is 19 and her name really is Monet... she started that painting when she was home at Christmas time and I just love it! Thank you....
    have a great night!

  17. Those little houses are adorable!! Love your grandfathers work too. I have a deep love of wood working.

  18. I love your houses! Great colours, Moon and perspective.

    What an incredible piece your grandfather created. He was indeed a superb artist.

  19. Hi Pauline...I found you over at April's blog. There are so many undiscovered(by me) artists out there in blog land. I am happy to have found you. Your art work is fantastic! I really like your little houses...and the Gandhi piece is capture the essence of the person in your people pieces. I'm going to look around some more and I will save your blog.

  20. Thank you all so much for the comments. The little colorful houses were fun to paint and yes, my grandfather's wooden sculpture sits near me & inspires me daily.

  21. Wow...that carving is just wonderful. You are so lucky to have that to inspire you. I think your grandfather would be very proud to see his artistic talent had cropped up in you. Love your bright houses and starry sky.

  22. Pauline I love your joyful houses & twinkling sky where it seems magic & art have a home... the quotes are truly inspirational as is your precious grandfathers work, it was lovely to see something created with patience, talent... and love, a treasure to be sure :)

  23. I too love the colorful houses. The feel like happiness. Grandparents leave us with such wisdom and wonderful memories.

  24. your houses are delightful! and how wonderful to own something your grandfather made, a part of him! well that piece is really something to be proud of. and for you, such a precious treasure. thank you for sharing,
    hugs, peggy aplSEEDS

  25. What a beautiful object to have from your grandfather! Such things are priceless. And I really like your houses, they look so happy and welcoming!

  26. Pauline I really love your little houses, such a lovely piece, flowing and bright. Your grandfather must have been quite a man, such beautiful creations.
    All the best to you Pauline, have a great week!

  27. LOVE your little houses and the Courage poster.
    Happy PPF!
    Sheri Cook
    Happy Horse Studio

  28. I love your houses! They are so charming. And your grandfather's art is wonderful.

  29. Hi Pauline,
    A little late, sorry.I thought that was it on Friday but then something told me to check back and wow, missed from 75 on so I' m very glad I checked back, especially since I didn't miss your story of your grandad...truly an amazing artist. I love your houses and love that beautiful magical sky.

  30. ouuu, very lovely post.. so much.. everything... and lovely to see that art, talent, curiosity and the love of beauty comes to you down through the ages..