Monday, February 20, 2012

flags, bob dylan and melancholic music...

A man is a success if he gets up in the morning
and gets to bed at night, and in between
he does what he wants to do. 
- Bob Dylan

Nothing too creative from me this morning,
so I'll share the creativity of others.

Like this train track painting by Bob Dylan that i love.

And this precious little thing
I bought years ago,
from a woman I used to work with.

She worked in accounting,
but she had the heart of an artist.

I love the heart crown and the freckles... 

I've been leaving myself little notes here and there
of things I wanna do for my studio space
to make it a little more inspiring.

I'm the fucking queen of note taking.

I swear there are notes in every room of the house.
Post it notes, paper notes, napkin notes...

If there was money to be made
from taking notes,
i'd be on the cover
of FORBES magazine right now.

This is what i'm listening to this morning...
Beautiful, melancholic music.

Wishing you all a great week,
filled with your own favorite music,
and lots of yumminess.



  1. sounds like you're surrounding yourself with lots of inspiration. i love it!

  2. Hello Pauline, sounds good just indulging in music and food...and letting things just rest, we all need time out. It's New Moon tomorrow I believe this has an effect on us, time to just be...take care and rest and indulge. xx

  3. I leave myself notes everywhere, too! Some times my husband adds his own messages to my notes.

  4. J'aime bien tes choix musicaux, Pauline. Surtout l'album de Loreena McKennitt. Je trouve que sa musique a le don de faire voir à l'auditeur de nouveaux paysages, sans qu'il ait besoin de bouger de son chez soi. Belle citation de Bob Dylan également!

  5. Great music to paint by. Love your perspective painting. Looks like I could go right onto the tracks.

  6. Love Loreena McKennit, very haunting! And I like what Kat and Molly have to say!!

  7. Pauline I wanted to add an extra comment just to let you know how I've come upon a fantastic dvd of Sting "A Winter's Night" live from Durham Cathedral, filled with beautiful music!

  8. Kat, yes, I LOVE that Sting CD. Thanks for the info.
    And thank you all for the great comments.

  9. I love you selection of music.

    Side note: OMG you are a star! Great shared story over at Do What You Love!!!

  10. You know Pauline,
    I seem to have notes, books, pics, old stuff , just lots of very old stuff all over the house but it's the only way I get inspired.
    Love your choice in music and that painting of the tracks you shared gives thought. Enjoy the music and flip through the pages of an old book, always takes me away on a splendid trip.