Monday, February 18, 2013

if i hear about another pedophile priest, i'm gonna scream...

I may lose a few followers here with this post,
but it doesn't matter to me.

This needs to be shared.

I watched something last night
that had my blood boiling -
and my blood doesn’t boil very easily.

I watched a documentary called
Mea Maxima Culpa
(Silence in the house of God).

It is a must see after far too many silent years
about pedophiles in the priesthood
and the Vatican’s refusal
to protect the young victims.

I am outraged at the fact
that these young deaf boys tried to tell so many people
for so many years (including the police)
and they were ignored
because one just doesn't accuse a priest of such things.

The boys were left to fend for themselves,
many of these deaf children unable to communicate
with their own parents.

Most of the nuns who were meant to protect them
looked the other way.

Many of the priests accused of molestation
were transferred to a different parish,
sometimes to a different country.

I think we can all guess what happened there...

It pains and angers me to think of the suffering
of those poor little deaf boys
and how their lives
were forever changed
because of men (priests)
who abused their authority.

Many catholics won’t watch this film,
because they have been taught not to question,
and many who will watch
will do so in disbelief.

Silence and denial
are far easier to bear for many
than the truth.

Well folks – not for me.

I believe it’s time for change.

We are not doing the world any favors
by pretending these crimes didn’t happen
in the church
and aren’t still happening.

We do ourselves and our children a disservice
when we let these priests
off the hook.

Anyone else would be charged.

They are men, first and foremost
and the frock should serve as more
than protection from the law.

Saints and sinners.

Sinners and saints…

the line keeps getting a little muddier
it seems…

Here's the movie trailer:


  1. I share your sentiments, Pauline, and am utterly disgusted by those who intentionally act against innocent children, and against humanity in general. Usually you'll find those who purport to be better than everyone else are also the ones who are the most depraved. People really should wake up to what is going on in the world, and see through the deep hypocrisy that is enveloping our world. It's really time for people to stop putting up with the b.s. and to start thinking critically about everything.

  2. Such an outrage and tragedy. I'm glad you're publicizing this and speaking out. I know there are many Catholics who are fighting these outrages, too. I hope everyone teaches their children how to talk about intimate things and that we all learn to listen to them. Unfortunately, no one can be entirely trusted with our children anymore.

  3. You won't lose me! I'm in total agreement with you on this.

  4. I totally agree ~ stopped any affiliation with Catholic Church ~ abuse of children is not tolerable! or any other age group and animals!~ Glad you posted and that you did this art to process your feelings ~ Wonderful!

  5. I agree totally ,
    Your art describes how I feel too

  6. What a powerful piece - and post! I so agree with you.
    Unfortunately it happens in too many different arreas of our world - refusing to see the truth.
    Thanks for sharing the info.

  7. I'm glad I popped back to see who I missed on last week's ppf. great post and very powerful illustration. I totally agree with you. I'm from Ireland where this sort of thing was rife as well as the abuses suffered by young woman in the Magdalene convents. It's one of many reasons that I have no time for man made religion of any flavour-most of the world's problems and wars come down to religion-it's simply a way of exerting control over the masses and given the way so many stood back and let these abuses continue on innocent children it would seem that the power of corruption under the guise of the all powerful chuch still has a firm hold over those too brainwashed to think for themselves.