Monday, February 11, 2013

snow white and sunlight

I used to be snow white, but i drifted.
- Mae West

That quote always cracks me up.
i love it.

And speaking of snow white and drifting...
a few of the beautiful snow drifts the day after the storm.

When i was younger, i used to imagine what it would be like
if snow was purple or orange or green instead of white.

My teenaged son, who jumped off the porch
into the white powder
and sunk straight in. :-)

Winter can be harsh sometimes

Shorter days,
less sunlight,
getting cabin fever when it's -30
and we feel trapped inside.

There's always a point during the winter season
where i start to miss the warmth of the sun.

I was raised in a Canadian climate,
so snow and cold are just part of the deal
during the winter months.

But sometimes, it just seems to take more
to get me going.

These days, i sit at the kitchen table in the morning,
to get some serious writing done.

There's much more sunlight there,
it feels warmer,
and i'm away from the computer
which is always good now and then.

The hour i spent this morning
at the kitchen table - writing and drawing,
was worth more to me
than a day of therapy.

Most of us have everything we need inside,
to make ourselves better.

We just need to DO IT.

This is an oil pastel drawing i did
that i may use with one of my little stories
about a Holocaust survivor.

I may need to make a few adjustments to it...

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.
Thank you all for being here.
Love and lollipops. 


  1. Oh my every single image I see here is absolutely beautiful and a meditation on its own. The snow on the porch doesn't look so deep until your son disappeared into it! Like you, sometimes the snugness of a quiet house due to weather is excellent for the desire to create. Here, in Central California, its fog that does it. Same ethereal, separate from others yet deeply connected feeling sweeps over me.

    Glad I found you via Creative Every Day today!

  2. you never EVER cease to amaze me!! it was so good to read you this morning...

  3. I do have to say the snow drifts are quite beautiful. Oh that one hour, I so get that. I love when you all we need to feel better is inside.....very true .

    I was touched by the post about your mom. Sorry to hear about her passing. With my mom being ill I find comfort when others share things and it relates to what you are feeling. Thanks.

  4. Pauline you're so lucky to get all that lovely snow, it's very beautiful! You make the very most, it's all about finding those special moments, enjoying them, making them and you sure do! Your creations are great, I'm always in awe at your faces!

  5. I love coming to your blog because I always see/read something I need. Even though I may not realize it! What you said - 'Most of us have everything we need inside,to make ourselves better.' Is just great!!I truly believe that, for myself:) The winter can be dreary and I too like my little spot in the sun as well;) Thanks for your visit to my space and your kind words:) I love your portrait as well! lovely and expressive:) Take care my friend,Fran T XO

  6. i LOVE that mae west quote!!!
    + those drift photos are beautiful.
    LOVE to you xox

  7. Another great post and message Pauline. I love when you wrote, "most of us have everything we need inside." As my husband's illness progresses I am always amazed how he (and me too) can deal with whatever we have to. Doesn't mean it is always easy but it isn't as frightening when you believe in yourself what's inside.

  8. Colored snow... now that iscreative! Love it. Also love the image of the warming winter sun in the kitchen and the evidence of art therapy all around:-)

  9. It really takes whatever piece of joy we can find during this time of year. I love your gorgeous snow drifts and wish for some of those. 23 years back on the coast and I'm still not used to grey, snowless winters. I miss that incredible brilliant light. Enjoy some sunshine and a snowball for me and keep up the writing and beautiful creations xx

  10. Love that quote..made me smile. Your drawing reminds me of Johnny Cash for some reason.

  11. one of my fav quotes..great drawing