Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind...

I consider myself a poet first and a musician second.
I live like a poet and i'll die like a poet.
- Bob Dylan

You either hate Bob Dylan,
or you love him.

There is no in between. 

i love him.

love his music,
love his poetry,
love his ability to reach so many hearts
with a song.

I don't really think much about the colors i choose.
Whatever feels right at the time.
In this case, 4 crayola crayons - plus black at the end.

For the dark shadows and thinner lines around the eyes,
I use wooden colored pencils.

you can see the difference in the eyes especially...

Maybe i made him look a little younger...
or more angry. :-)

The most important thing when doing something like this,
is to keep the hand loose,
to try to have fun,
to not be afraid to have extra lines,
and extra squiggles.
You can always apply color over them later.

Plus, the squiggles makes it more interesting, 
don't you think?

If i'm gonna do a bob dylan portrait 
that looks EXACTLY like the photo,
i may as well just have the photo.

It's not important to be precise and exact.

It's important to feel good when you're drawing.
It's important to trust yourself.
It's important to let your hand dance across the page
and color lightly in some places and darker in others
and feel the freedom of just scribbling colors
one over the other.

And if portraits aren't your thing, that's ok!
You can scribble an abstract, or a still life,
or a landscape...

it's all still beautiful,
and there's just such freedom in scribbling.
(and in music)


  1. I sure do love me some Bob Dylan!! I was given a lovely birthday present last year , a 4 cd recording put our by Amnesty International called Chimes of Freedom. a wide variety of artists covering Bob's music. It's awesome!

    Love your crayola Dylan! Were you singing Tangled Up in Blue when you sqiggled his hair?

  2. Seriously??!! - Crayons!!
    You are one amazing artist - you totally captured the feel and spirit behind Dylan. I covered up Bob's face and asked my husband who you drew and he answered without a moment's hesitation.

  3. Your portraits are always so fantastic Pauline--no matter what medium you seem to use. You're a wonder!! xx

  4. Amazing portrait. I love the lines.

  5. It is a bit strange because I have been listening Bob Dylan this week and I found your post. It is a very, very beautiful portrait Pauline. Thank you for sharing your talent, love and passions.

  6. Very nice! And I love your choice of medium ;) it really is fun to play with crayons. Enjoyed your piece today and am still smiling. Thank you!

  7. Another great portrait. You make it look so simple. Although I'm able to draw faces, not usually a likeness to the original ;). Love Bob Dylan as well!
    Stay inspired!

  8. I love Dylan and his lyrics.... and your spontaneous and uninhibited portrait.

  9. Wow Pauline! Can't believe how easy you make it look! This is a wonderful portrait!