Sunday, November 11, 2012


hi everyone.

First of all, in honour of all those who have died,
who have served and/or who are still serving...

(watercolour on paper, done in 2011)

Another cool, grey Sunday here...
The perfect day for a walk in the trails.

I wake up in the morning not knowing too much
what to do with myself.

My thoughts go immediately to my mother,
who is in a hospital bed, making the most of each moment.

As much as i tell myself that life must go on,
and that i can't be there with her ALL the time,
there's no denying that it's hard sometimes.

So i lace up the sneakers
and find my way outside, where the air is cool
and the dry leaves crinkle under my feet
and with each step I take, 
the heaviness seems to lift from my heart.

And of course, we're all adjusting to this in our own way.

This works for me.
Let others find their own ways...

Some of us grieve quietly,
some of us cry constantly,
some of us cling to the hope that miracles happen,
some of us worry 24-7... (my least favourite way to deal with anything!)

and others, like mom, accept what is and still find a way to be grateful.

Hers is the example i want to follow.

I believe i get my love of writing from her.

Her journal still sits on her table,
by her hospital bed,
and when she is well enough, she writes.

I remember being a young child
and often seeing her write letters at the kitchen table at night
to family and friends who lived far away.

She always had a deep sense of connection to others.
She still does.

It is this sense of connection that gives life meaning.

For me, more often than not,
it is a connection with nature.

Frank Lloyd Wright once said:

I believe in God, only I spell it NATURE.

I totally get this.

So there you have it -
not much art, but a walk in the trails.

There may not be much art here for a while.

I do hope you still visit now and then,
just in case i should happen to paint my masterpiece
and post it one of these days.

Wouldn't want any of you to miss it. ;-)

And on a lighter note,
my messed up, disorganized book shelf on Friday night..

and then... ta-daaaa!

Cleaned up and kinda colour coordinated!
Isn't this so much more fun to look at?!

I liked the living room one so much,
i decided to do the same thing to the smaller bookshelf.

Maybe i've just officially gone off the deep end, who knows. ;-)

I just know it makes me happy when i see all these colours.

Wishing you all a peaceful, healthy Sunday
filled with gratitude.


  1. I love the matter-of-factness here, Pauline. You're where you are and Life is what is. Now, that is true, and I think ALWAYS it is true.

    I enJOYed seeing your photographs and the books. I let go of 99.9% of my books back in April-May and sometimes I feel strange without books [even though all I had here were mayBE 50 or 60, all tolled... But it was the space that Letting Go created and how it continues to find ways to bless me.

    I am encouraged to hear about your mother, her writing... and your noticing where you are like her and where your goodness comes from.

    I am in a peculious mind today, but letting it and ME just BE with that...

    Remembering. Yes. That is what this day is about. Remembering. Honouring. Taking a moment to look at that and BE respectFULL and gracious, as well as grateFULL.

    Thanks for popping into my Google Reader this Sunday afternoon, when I was just thinking how nice a day it would BE to go for a walk with a friend...

  2. OK, first off, your painting is beautiful, and the most touching tribute I have seen all day. Much more personal than all poppy pics and "we will remember them" quotes. Thank you.

    Your comments about your mum take me back a year and how people behaved; some avoiding things, some full of drama and some just getting on with it. Look after yourself my friend and may life be gentle with you.


    P.S. Love the book-cases. Mine are done by subject, then size and then alphabetically. Yes, I know, it's probably some form of OCD :p

  3. I never thought of organising my books by the colours, but they sure look good on your shelves!

    It's important to treasure the time we have with people, since we don't know how much time we have with them.

    You and your mum are in my thoughts.

  4. So much goodness I don't even know where to start! These are the things that came into my head as I was reading: Your mum sounds lovely. I WISH I could have gone on that walk with you. We would have had a good chat about art and probably sworn quite a lot and laughed too. LOVE that quote; it immediately got me thinking about how I 'spell' things. And possibly one of the main reasons I can't wait to move is so I can do my bookcases like yours! I can hardly bear the OCD beauty of that. Must've been quite meditative to do as well. Big hugs xxx

  5. Forgive me, Pauline, for not keeping in touch lately. I have read your posts, and my thoughts have been with you and your mother each day.

    This is so much here that has touched me so deeply. You express yourself so honestly, and so very much from the heart.

    I wish for you and for your mom, much more time together to connect and to love and to share the strong bond you so clearly have between the two of you.

    I continue tonight to send positive and healing energy to both of you, and for love to continue to light your way through the less bright times.

  6. This is amazing!! You are amazing!!!

  7. I think yours is an excellent way to cope and that your mother's example is a good one. She sounds like a wonderful woman. :) Nature is very healing and calming for me, too.

  8. I totally totally get organising the bookshelf according to colour... that is perfect... it will drive Phantom mad but i am having thoughts of attacking the study wall of books when summer break starts...
    and love the way you write and the gorgeous photos you share... thanks for sharing it all...xx

  9. what a very touching post Pauline. You have so beautifully opened your heart and expressed your feelings with your words and glorious pictures of nature. I feel the same as you about the benefit of taking a walk and taking in your surroundings. Thoughts and prayers to you and your mother.

  10. Love that Frank Lloyd Wright quote! but not nearly as much as I love your rainbow bookshelves!!! They immediately put a huge smile on my face. Hope they do the same to you xx

  11. Love the watercolor painting, such a fantastic tribute to honor those who have served! ~xx
    Such a wonderful quote from Frank Lloyd Wright. :]
    Your bookshelf... AWESOME!!
    Take care my friend.
    Sending YOU MY love & prayers. <3