Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the only disadvantage of being in the zone

hi everyone!

A quick little painting from last night...

It should actually read:
wings and heart and a good massage will take me home.

I actually have a kinked neck (and back) from spending
too much time with my head down
working on that last collage. :-(

One of the only disadvantages of being in the zone...

I sometimes start working on a painting on my easel,
and by the time i finish,
the canvas is on the table,
i'm not too sure how it got there
...and my neck hurts. 

So last night, rather than spend 2 hours painting,
i spent about 20 minutes
on this little pink bird. 

I may do a cleaned up version
for my little ETSY shop - we'll see.

And a quick little sketch after the painting...
not sure what i'll do with this - if anything.

Wishing you all a wonderful evening,
and unkinked necks. 


  1. Your bird is so cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog recently because it led me here to yours. I've had fun looking through your other posts. I enjoyed your drawing of Keith daughter is a huge Stones fan (me, too!)

  2. Cute bird and heart flowers!
    I know what you mean. I have to set a timer for just an hour at a time to do anything anymore and, even then, if I do too many sessions in a day I can really set off my fibro so I have to be careful how often I sit down to hunch over and create. It is awfully difficult to pull yourself OUT of the zone when that dang timer goes off, though, let me tell you! Being in the zone was always what I loved about art and crafts and writing...but those days of spending many lost hours or whole days and nights lost in time--are over for me. :( The only thing we can count on in life is change. ;)

  3. Love your cheerful bird!! I get kinks in my neck and back too. I discovered as an adult that I have scoliosis - :-p
    The chiropractor helps when I make myself go regularly. When I let myself get too kinked up I end up with a headache and that's no good for me or for my family cause then I am crabby - the only remedy for crabby is to be crafty which in turn feeds the kinked neck -
    vicious circle!!

  4. HAHA, I know the feeling. Painted for 4 hours today and didn't notice anything while I was in the flow, but afterwards I had aches everywhere ;-) Love your bird, and the writing!

  5. Hi Pauline, thank you very much for your nice and kind words
    I must confess that sometimes I feel blame with you, because you'll know that my knowledge of English is very poor, and often I have to go to google translator or my old dictionary, because I do not understand the meaning that you write in your blog . anyway I love watching all that is graphic that you show here. such as this sketch of woman with long dress. I feel just wonderful!!!!!!
    I send a big hug to you!

  6. Beautiful painting! I know what you mean about the neck. Every now and again I decide to make my studio more muscle friendly to protect my back and neck but I always end up in my favorite spots working the way my muse seems to prefer- which means the back is not so happy.

  7. thanks for participating....kinked neck and all, in my first challenge....your sweet little PINK bird is as lovely as ever!


  8. Sweet bird! I like the way you can see the background music but not too much. The bird´s music is implied in a subtle way. Lovely colours too.

  9. Aw, cutie!! Love your little bird! And your girl too. I'm hoping to see her again...if the neck can stand it. xx

  10. Sweet stuff! :]
    I really like the colors you use, for your artwork... they are inspiring and always make me "feel" happy! ~xx
    Feel better, wishing you better days ahead.<3

  11. Wow, this is the first time I have seen anyone else mention the neck pain. I have tried everything, my only solution was to invest in 8 wheatbags that heat up in the microwave (not a lot of fun in the summer heat), usually takes about 3 goes to heal the pain, but more effective and better than pills that dont work.

    I thought it was just me - thank you, and everyone else for mentioning it...

  12. Geesh I thought I was the only one who got aches and pains!! Love your birdy, the colors and the message!!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. This is lovely. I can't believe you only spent such a short time on it! Gorgeous

  14. I like the free spirit of your work. The sketch of the lady has lots of possibilities. Blessings!