Tuesday, August 28, 2012

IF, green tree and sorrow...

Illustration Friday... TALL. :-)

watercolor on paper.

There was an accident near here last weekend
and a local young man lost his life... (18). This is a small community,
so whenever something like this happens, it always hits home.

I know it makes me want to hold my teenage son just a little tighter...

i painted this on Sunday... 

I wanted a 'no edges' rough kinda look... although i'm not sure i've got it.
This takes practice... to paint without a definite edge.

But i love the look of paintings without an edge.
Like one thing blends into the other and nothing is too precise anymore. 

a bit of color...

not sure i'm done yet. I'll see...

This is a mother, grieving the loss of her son...

sorry i didn't take any pics while painting it.
This one just rushed out of me, without a thought for the camera.

Tomorrow, i'll post a few of the materials i use...

i took some pics yesterday but didn't download them yet.
Hope to see you back here. :-)


  1. I like the humour of that 'tall' girl and the way you have painted the tree with the edges merging with the background. And the grieving mother painting is so touching. It's so sad when this kind of thing happens, and I can see how the painting just poured out of you.

  2. The grieving mother is a wonderful piece, it doesn't need a title or explanation, and no step by step, just let it be.

    Love the tall girl, her hair reminds me of Mandelbrot fractals. x

  3. Your TALL girl is great!!

    The loss of a young person is always hard!! As a mother of sons it hits particularly close to home as it obviously did for you with your moving grief illustration.

  4. Your tall girl made me chuckle!
    I think you did get the no edges look on the tree.
    Your illustration of the mother grieving the loss of her son is just perfect. The sorrow is heavy. You've got the bright hopefulness of the boy ascending and yet she can't see it...yet. I love this. Can see where it just flowed out of you.

  5. In love with the tree, and the colors!! Just beautiful!! You pull our emotions all over the map with your humor and depiction of grief!! What a powerful piece, I feel the moms pain! So much passion in your work!! Love it!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Such a sad occurrence. Things like this always reach into our hearts... sometimes we forget we are mere Mortals.

  7. Heartbreaking news... ((hugs))
    You captured the event, tastefully.
    Wonderful work.

  8. I love the illustration for "tall" - very cute and creative.

  9. How terrible for the family and your community. Your painting of a mother is so very powerful.