Saturday, August 4, 2012

when things don't go as planned...

Good morning friends!

i'm feeling a little less inspired these days,
probably due to the fact that it's a million degrees here...
a million + ten with humidity. ;-)

Actually, Danny Gregory posted something
a few days ago while he was in Dallas, Texas
and mentioned that it was 106 degrees there
and my first thought was:
holy crap, i would die. 

Well, ok that's a slight exaggeration -
but i would obviously spend lots of time indoors,
with air conditioning.

So i started this one last night,
with intentions of painting a sketch i had done a while ago
of a woman waiting for a train...

Just a bit of texture with acrylics and paper towel (and my fingertips!)

It's ok, but it's not the feeling I was looking for.
(I paint for a feeling more than for a look.)

Maybe it needed to be done on canvas?

Maybe it needed to be watercolor?

Maybe it's the colors?

Maybe it just needs to exist as a sketch?

Who knows...

But i do know that sometimes,
the image i have in my head
doesn't always match the image I end up with.

As an artist, it's frustrating, yes,
but i've learned to roll with the punches and just carry on.

For now, this is what it is...

It feels unfinished and i felt rushed while doing it,
fearing another kink in my neck... 

...and a little message to remind us all.

Maybe your "something incredible" is that your life is already blissful?

or that you can find time every day to do what you love...

or that you've always had what you really needed all along...

or that you really will be ok if you follow a different path...

...or that you can finally declare to the world
that you ARE an artist,
and for the first time ever,
this feels "at home" in your heart.

These are all humungous discoveries.

Anything that makes anyone a better person
is huge to me.

As important as the discovery of a new planet.

A new planet doesn't change my life much,
but a happy heart does.

And speaking of happy hearts...
my breakfast of champions.

Find something that makes your heart happy today,
and do it.

And if you can,
share it with the world.

Especially if it's art.


  1. Well I know one thing for sure!!! Visiting this scrumptious blog ALWAYS makes me happy! The art and musing are delicious!! That is my kind of breakfast!! I will be having fresh cherries with mine!! We are going to be hot today too!! However it won't be 108 thank goodness!! I am sitting here with a cool wet long towel around my neck

    Have a great day!! I know I will!!
    Because that's how I roll!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I think, that on your blog there's always something incredible to see and to have the happy heart
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. It's the humidity that kills ya every time!
    I really like your girl and all the swirly dots that lead to the sentiment! Your blog always makes me think!! Nearly everytime I draw/sketch/paint I think, "well that's a fluke - I'll never do something that good again - better go post it right away" - I've had several flukes now - maybe not a fluke after all??!! Who knows? but it sure is fun finding out! Thanks for all your continued inspiration!

  4. Wonderful post, Pauline. It was such fun to see how you got from some blobs of paint to that fantastic painting. And the food looked so delicious. Today it has cooled off a bit. It is only 93°. It has been 3 digit temps here. The hottest summer I remember.

  5. What a terrific post! Very inspiring to read before starting my day!

  6. Happens to me most of the time, ie image that I produce doesn't quite gel with the image I have in my mind... Frustrating, but not the end of the world. :-) As always, I'm enjoying reading your blog post and the inspiring words.

  7. Rarely does my art end up as my original visual changes along the way and becomes what it was meant to be :0)
    I love coming to your blog :))

  8. what a fun image! I remember swinging on porches like that! and thanks for the message - it is lately coming a lot into my life

  9. I must remember to come here often; your blog is a definite pick me up. Those old letters below how wonderful they are, I can't help but think some day hand written letters will be a thing of the past.

  10. Love this painting Pauline. Her skirt is lovely and it has a summery feel... :-)

  11. I can so relate, Pauline. It's quite rare that the image in my head is the one that ends up on the paper. I think she's great - love the position of her legs.

  12. omygosh when I opened your blog and saw that first photo, I thought, oooh I can't wait to see whats she's done now...!! I love that painting and Carl Sagan has some awesome quotes, doesn't he? You've really done him so great justice here! Your peanut butte on toast is making my stomach rumble:) Its almost 11pm now, I just better get to bed instead! Thanks for all your lovely notes and have a super duper week, lady! Fran T XO