Thursday, August 23, 2012

how to avoid assholes, or avoid becoming one

Hello out there...

I have little time in the evenings lately,
so i did this little painting sketch this morning.

I'll bet the vibe would be different
if i painted in the morning rather than the evening.

When are you most creative? Morning or night?

I have this perfect little routine going...

Walk in the morning, work in the day, paint and read in the evenings.

I'm not usually one for routine, 
but if it ain't broken, don't fix it, right? ;-)

It works for me, so i'll just keep movin' on...

I didn't have anything in mind when i began this. Obviously.

As i get older, I am getting much more picky about
how i choose to spend my time
and who i choose to spend it with.

There are a lot of good people in this world,
but we all know there are still way too many assholes. ;-)

The key to a happy life is limiting your time with the negatives,
and maximizing your time with the good stuff and the good people.

(You're welcome)

I also have a few other keys to happiness:

- avoiding victims (the ones who bring you down in 5 minutes flat)

- watching very little tv

- walking on the beach

- avoiding those who don't believe in dreams (and who try to crush yours)

- avoiding negatives. In people and in math. ;-)

- making art as often as i can

- listening

- good wine and good coffee

- caring very little about what others think of me

- trusting my own voice for a change and drowning out the rest.

- everything in moderation. Yes, everything. 

I believe my bullshit radar is getting
really honed and precise with age.

I'm just saying... ;-)

Years ago, i never would have painted something like this
and posted it for the world to see.

Well, ok, maybe there's only a hundred of you, but still.

I never would have dared to put myself out there,
for fear of being judged. For fear of not being good enough.
For fear, for fear, for fear...

And yet, what if i AM judged by someone out there?
What if i'm not the best?
How does this really change my life?
How does this actually matter?

It doesn't.

What matters, is how I feel about what i'm doing.

If you can make sense of it - someone else will too.

Unless you're a lunatic. 

In which case, it'll only make sense
to other lunatics. ;-)

But still - it'll make sense to someone!

I'm grateful that we all share this space together
and feed off one another in creativity and connection.

That's what it's all about, isn't it?


  1. You are a funny girl, my dear... and more so all the time, I worry less about what people think. It used to be the utmost importance to me but now, I try to treat myself much gentler. This is the only life we get.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post, each and every single word and I totally agree.
    So, there is at least two of us, LOL. Your journal page is brilliant. I love the happy colors and the free expression.
    You Go Girl!
    Have a great day, Connie :)

  3. I love your painting, I seem to do far better painting in the morning - too tired by evening. I just love your phylosophy, I do try so hard not to worry what others think, and I will crack that one day - I'm getting better.

  4. Pauline ~ wonderful post ~ and your painting is fantastic ~ love the colors and composition ~ Wow!
    enjoy ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    I tend to create later in the morning ~ nite is a time for me to wind down from all the activities of the day ~ Do what works for you (as you said in different words, maybe) Good to hear about you ~ ^_^

  5. Pauline ~ wonderful post ~ and your painting is fantastic ~ love the colors and composition ~ Wow!
    enjoy ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    I tend to create later in the morning ~ nite is a time for me to wind down from all the activities of the day ~ Do what works for you (as you said in different words, maybe) Good to hear about you ~ ^_^

  6. You're right. Life's too short to be wasted on negativities. The fear of being judged, especially creatively, is very real though. :-) I guess the trick is to push through that fear. I'm still working on that. :-)

    I like your composition, by the way.

  7. Let's see ...
    avoiding assholes... inevitable!!!!
    they fly over our heads!!!!
    how to avoid becoming one of them? well, not difficult. but sometimes some people are so stupid that they make us feel as if we were...

    Creativity: definitely, mine is the morning.
    "I also have a few other keys to happiness":
    I agree, especially about good wine:)
    I think with age I have learned to think and not be impulsive
    "What matters, is how I feel About what I'm doing".
    YES! and enjoy while I'm doing:)))))
    About Mate: Ha ha, you made me laugh, no no, mate, don't have alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!
    mate is an infusion (just like tea) which does not drink from a cup, you drink in a special container (I'll send a photo)

  8. ZACKLY. xx :)

    ps. I love how when I'm leaving a comment it says 'choose an identity'. So apt.

  9. Wow. This post - these thoughts and your words - could not have come at a better or more appropriate time. Just reading through this - at least 8 or 9 times now - has done a world of good. Thank you so much, Pauline. You go, girl (as one of my dearest friends always says).

  10. Oops! I hit the 'publish' button before telling you how cool I think this painting is. Very bold, very free, and very fluid and flowing. Thank you for inspiring all of us that read your posts and get inspired by your words and your art.

  11. you are such a refreshing voice in my little World!!
    love the painting. I like how you show your paints and drips and then the process.
    I am BEcoming much more or a morning critter, rising so early, writing for a couple of hours. then the walk, with Gracie. In the afternoons I am more "fit to print" so this is why I am looking to BE an afterschool teacher...
    evenings are wind down and settle in. I find I, too, enJOY the glass of wine, the quiet play with something or mayBE nothing, really, and early to sleep.
    you make me think good thinks.

  12. You're just such a wise, wise woman Pauline! I'm learning, slowly but surely. Maybe I should make an asshole list too or just tape yours above my desk. I'm more of a sporadic, throughout the day kinda girl. I create, go do something else, come back and create some more. Leaves time for drying that way too.... Lovely piece BTW. xx

  13. Agree with every single word, and it's so good to see the essentials listed like that as a reminder. I'm happier at this end of my life than ever before, mainly because of 'not caring' about what people think of me and my work, but at the same time 'caring' about as many people as I can.

    Last week I sent one of my silly doodle paintings to a neighbour upstairs as a second 'get well' card - something I would never have shown to neighbours once but thoughtvit's up to her if she doesn't like it. But she was so pleased she sent down a loaf cake her husband had mad for me! Just another one for the list: try to do a little kindness each day.

    Really appreciate your posts and the painting and it's process are great. Regards from another morning bird.

  14. Lovely post - again! I like the contrast between the bright colours of your journalpage and the black and white.

  15. Your post made me smile, love to see how the painting developed and the bright colours

  16. Hello dear Pauline, it's been a while since I've been blogging, I've been away up the mountains enjoying time out. But so great to come back and visit you here again, I love reading what you have to say, just keep on doing it your way, your paintings and words bring many of us a smile, have a great week-end, ciao xx

  17. I enjoyed watching this grow and develop. The black on top of color shouts out! I like that! HPPF!

  18. I love your new painting, Pauline! And your wonderfully insightful post on happiness!! :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  19. A very interesting post. I think you worry less as you grow older, at least that is the way it is with me. My best ideas come in the morning as in the evening am too tired. Loving the freedom of your work and the little doodles. Happy PPF Annette x

  20. Great post... I would add a few things to the happiness list... tea... obviously... and also the smell of jasmine wafting in from the garden... and the excitement on new art supplies... and the joy of a great book... and banana peels... I love banana peels because somewhere at any time someone is slipping on one and it is endlessly funny... especially when it happens to an asshole...xx

  21. Hello my Canadian kindred..beautiful post! Love your list..brilliant! and love this gorgeous piece..feels very energy-art..wonderful color-magick and textures and a feeling of poetry and rhythm lives here..gorgeous..and alive!
    Shine on

  22. Such a great post and wonderful happiness advice! My radar has become more accurate too! There is no time for the drama, downers, joy thieves, or time suckers. Beautiful painting too...glad you have put it "out there" into the world. :)

  23. Just yesterday my 11 year old was doing math where he had to add negative integers - Yup! Definitely something to avoid!
    LOVE your abstracts!
    BTW - I bought a card once with two men on the front.
    Man1 "All lawyers are a**holes"
    Man2 - "I take offense at that!"
    Man1 - "Why? Are you a lawyer?"
    Inside of card/Man2 - "No, I am an a**hole!"

  24. I love your journal page and I thoroughly enjoyed your post!
    I normally paint in the evening.... but once in a while I will get a creative urge in the morning.

  25. Fabulous post. I am definitely more creative at night than in the morning. I love how this piece developed. Gorgeous.

  26. LOVE IT!! FABULOUS post, Pauline!! :]
    I agree... good wine, good coffee makes me a "happy" artist, indeed. (LOL)
    Yes, there is much to say about the universe, people can have such an impact on us. ~xx

  27. LOL! You've got a great quirky sense of humor...and a fabulous eye for color and detail.
    L-O-V-E those flowers.

  28. At last I am able to leave comments- my computer has been behaving like a spoilt brat recently. Love your posts- and your art- am going to link you to my blog as a fave blogger and visit more often. I too prefer my own company!

  29. AMEN SISTAH!!!
    And I love this painting.

  30. You are so right about all of this!

    As for the sharing art, the positives of getting feedback far outweigh any negatives==

    I love that your 'bullshit mete' is getting better honed!

  31. Just love this fun whimsical piece!! It took on a fabulous life of it's own!! I could have written that same list with the first one being top on my list too!! Energy drainers and dream crushers equal negativity I don't need at this juncture!! I too am very particular about how and whom I share time with. I have earned the right to finally choose, since I jumped hoops for everyone but me for years!! As I age I like to pass the torch and do my own thing!! You go girl!! High five!!

    Hugs Giggles