Thursday, April 5, 2012

melancholy girl

Art washes from the soul
the dust of everyday life.
- Pablo Picasso

There's a quote that i love
by Marc Chagall that reads:

If I create from the heart,
nearly everything works;
if from the head,
almost nothing.
-Marc Chagall

I always try to honour how i feel when i'm painting.
And that means painting from the heart.

Sometimes, i'm in the mood for more
controlled painting - 
clean lines, perfect dots, bold colors.

And other times, i need to let loose.

Sometimes, i feel happy & bubbly & full of joy,
and sometimes i don't.

Sometimes, life is good,
and sometimes it's not.

Art allows me to honour and express
my own truth at the time.

Isn't that what it does for most of us?

It allows us to express
how we feel at a given time.

It gives meaning to the moment.

For me, it's not just about
making pretty paintings.

If we feel rainbows & sparkles,
the art we make (or write, or dance) will reflect this.

And if we feel more melancholy,
or sad, or just more mellow,
what we create will reflect this also.

If we are true to ourselves.

If we try painting something happy
when we're not,
we are denying our own truth.

Pain wants to be painted
as much as joy. 

The best songs and poems
were created from a place of truth,
even when that place was painful.

Especially when it was painful.

Authenticity always has a way
of connecting with others.

So go ahead.
Many of you out there (i know)
are going through a messy divorce,
or suffering illness,
or have felt the intense pain
of losing a loved one.

Give yourself permission to paint it,
or write it,
or journal it,
or collage it,
or sing it,
or play it.

Go ahead.
Trust that it will help you heal.
(cause it will)



  1. Very true. Writing a blog brings a catharsis of sorts to pain, loss, suffering. It's made me w a n t to e more creative. That's a beginning I guess.
    I love your paintings and their 'heartfelt' emotions.

  2. How true. I use writing in my private journal. But this painting is absolutely beautiful and expresses so much emotion! Wow! It's wonderful.

  3. Hello Pauline your words are so true.
    We need to express ourselves and share and be true to how we feel. This painting is a beautiful piece, I love the colours and the feel of just letting go!

  4. Oh... I simply love watching the process! ((hugs))
    Fall in love every time, Pauline :]
    This painting just melts my heart...
    so free flowing.

  5. Love your painting. Makes me want to just stay in bed all day. Oh wait, I did that already. lol
    Stay inspired!

  6. Beautiful painting and an inspirational post. Just what I needed today - thank you xo

  7. Your painting is really lovely. i like how the bars of music show through. You are right, art heals. Nicely said. Happy PPF

  8. Gorgeous art..a powerful piece with such depth and soulfulness...and beautifully written words.....inspiring and magical! being true to my the only way I have ever known to be..wonderful to know a kindred!

  9. Your posts are always so insightful and authentic. I love that you write from your heart and connect with us.
    And your painting is so beautiful, too.
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  10. Your post is so uncanny because only the other day I painted on music but it never turned out as fabulous as yours. Happy PPF and have a lovely Easter, Annette x

  11. LOVE this post. Esp since I call my business and blog "from the heart". I think this painting on sheet music is awesome! Great colors and texture. Happy PPF!

  12. oh my heavens!!! this is gorgeous!! I love this painting Pauline!!!! wonderful work!!!

    wishing you all the best for a Blessed Easter!!!

  13. Dear goodness. This is absolutely beautiful. So nice to see the work in progress too! Have a wonderful Easter :)

  14. Wonderful painting and wonderful post! Thank you for sharing this! Happy Easter and Happy PPF!

  15. Such a powerful message! Love seeing her develop and show her truth!

  16. Great post... love the paint work on her arm... beautiful sense of light there... I am with you on the healing abilities of art and expression... it is such a great avenue to be honest and true to ourselves and sometimes as adults we don't get much of a chance to do that...xx

  17. Hi Pauline,
    Beautiful, beautiful post !
    Words and image convey your message clearly and so beautifully. I adore the girl, you did such a wonderful job on her .
    Happy Easter ; )

  18. What a meaningful painting (and post)! Meaningful, poignant and beautiful!

  19. I noticed my mood shines through in my work even if I try to avoid it.
    Wonderful process, great use of light.

  20. Wow, this is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes, both happy and sad! Thank you for your honest and loving words! Deb

  21. What a beautiful, expressive piece, using my favorite color. Lovely.

  22. this is a wonderful paiting and I really like this post. I definately journal through pain and sometimes just doodle it out. Feels great to get it out. Thanks for reminding us all that its alright to do so and to give ourselves permission:)
    Fran xo

  23. Beautiful post. I agree, it may be hard, but it helps. Love your painting, and so nice to see the different stages.

  24. This post is beautiful beyond words Pauline xoxo