Thursday, April 26, 2012

EMERGE and white wings...

Well, here it is. Done.

At least i think it's done.
I sometimes have to sit with it 
for a few days before i decide.

Not sure about the title...
EMERGE keeps coming to mind.

I just looked up a definition that reads:
Sea mammals must emerge periodically to breathe.
Yeah, sounds about right these days.

My apologies for the crappy photos.

Last night's painting is basically a "paint over".
(what you see here is already painted over)
I had done a painting a few years back
and hated it.

Every time i saw the painting in my studio,
i wanted to paint over it.

So i finally did,
and this one sits with me
far more comfortably than the other one did.

a few earthy, neutral colors...

and this little being was born.

I think this is the first time i've ever painted
in such neutral colors.

At least on canvas.

Maybe i just felt totally colored out

after EMERGE

and needed to get back to basics...
back to a more pure nakedness.


  1. I love the final piece! This new one has such a calmness to it. Just love to see what you are creating! :)

  2. Oh my... love this, image emerging through!
    Great work :]

  3. I absolutely love EMERGE!!! Great work.
    Stay inspired!

  4. EMERGE is really good! I like the mute tones of the second painting. As you say, after the colours of the first painting, the second one feels refreshingly calm.

  5. Oh Pauline! They're both such beautifully expressive beings. Wonderful, wonderful pieces. xx

  6. The finished piece is perfect and the title Emerge really fits. You can see the person emerging from the bottom, just fantastic. The second is really good, I love the way things just seems to appear when you are painting. You bring them out so well. I wish I could be that free with painting, I am too anal and plan everything. With my present painting it was meant to ba about the colour and then I found myself finishing it into detail, so frustrating.

  7. Pauline, you are the most Prolific artist I have ever seen. It flows out of you like an eternal spring.

    Do you think you will have a show of your amazing body of work?

  8. Pauline, I love both pieces! You're so versatile with your styles. Nice work. :)

  9. Love these! I think Emerge is a great title for it!

  10. My friend, you amaze the hell out of me! Beautiful!

  11. Your lovely comments always give me the boost i need to continue. xoxo
    Gwen - I'm working on it... thank you so much for the kind words...xoxo
    Lori girl - it's always so nice to see your face. Even if it's really tiny in the comment box. :-)

  12. Loving your completed painting and the new one is coming along fabulously. Happy PPF, Annette x

  13. "Emerge" is a perfect name for it--very nice--and I love the little white winged being, too! Happy Weekend to you, Pauline :)

  14. Pauline,
    I really love both!
    The neutral colors are very earthy and rich and wonderful!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  15. I am loving the paint over piece, though the top one is looking very cool as well... a very productive post I would say... have a great week... and wondering if you got the new Rufus Wainwright CD yet... just loading it up now and thinking it will fill the studio all next week...xx

  16. fun to visit here and see what you are doing...enjoyable art to look at new and redone as well. Sweet angel girl on the last one. HPPF.

  17. I have never had this happen to me before while visiting bloggers...I saw the emerge, love the colors and the unique beauty! Then I see the altered painting emerge and got I have to figure that out... really wonderful pieces!! Love your new character... thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  18. It is a painting spontaneous and with feeling. Saludos

  19. You really do put emotion in your paintings! How on earth do you do that! The fairy is so ethereal.
    I love the colors and content of Emerging, just wonderful.

  20. EMERGE is beautiful painting and I like the colours a LOT

  21. Hello Pauline, thanks so much for your kind comment over at dreamcolour, always so happy to see you've visited! I have enjoyed checking your recent pieces, this angel one is so lovely, I do love the neutral colours, it's a special piece, a guardian angel. Have a great week Pauline!

  22. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such lovely comments.
    TRACEY: i haven't yet purchased the new Rufus Wainwright CD... let me know what you think of it! xoxo

  23. Love both of the works you show here, yet they are so different:)

  24. Gorgeous paintings! Emerge is wonderful!! What colors! And although your little being is neutral it's still really dynamic (love that hair!!).

  25. wow-- i love all the vibrant colors in EMERGE... it's so uplifting. and the neutral tones of white wings are so peaceful. really lovely.

  26. Both pieces are really impressive, beautiful work! <3

  27. I totally get the sitting with a painting for a few days, for me it is sometimes a few months. That's when I put my name on it, when I decide, yep, that all she wrote (painted). Your work is very interesting. I love how much freedom you have. Your newest follower, Connie . . . Please accept my invitation to visit and hopefully to follow my blog, too. Have a great day, and keep painting. :)

  28. Pauline
    I have to be honest, I love BOTH the before and after:) So no matter what you do you're alright with me ;)

  29. Wow Pauline..these are some stunning imageries..i love the word emerge..and the whole piece carries that imprint loudly..and vibrationally..brilliant work..and love this second piece too..what a sweet ethereal soul..gorgeous and enchanting~!
    What a lovely journey here today..

  30. Pauline, they are beautiful! Your talent is amazing! Happy PPF!

  31. This is so cool Pauline...Loved Emerge...I can see the emerge happening there and I loved the spots...The second pic is absolutely lovely...eyes closed, it's almost like a prayer :)

    ps:thank you for your wonderful, inspiring comments in my blog:)

  32. Both are beautiful. Love the contrast between the tow. You are a versatile painter!