Tuesday, April 3, 2012

words, words, words...

Good morning peeps!

I went for a walk last night
and as i walked,
this idea came to me.

Nothing genius, but isn't it funny how inspiration works?

I'm walking alone in the quietness of the evening,
admiring the moon & stars
and all of a sudden, in my head,
i see lines of words
coming out of a mouth...

Most of the ideas i get 
for paintings or journaling
come to me when i'm walking.

I rarely sit in front of a blank journal page,
wondering what i'll do next.

i do however, have times where i feel
less inspired.

Like everyone, i suppose...

so a few random sentences from magazines...

deformed lips, yapping at one another... ;-)

a bit of contouring with charcoal, black marker & white pen...


more contouring and there you have it.

Not exactly as i pictured it in my head,
but close enough.

On another note,
i read something the other day
on Lisa Baldwin's ZEN AT PLAY
that i want to share with all of you.

So refreshing...

I refuse to profit from the idea that you are broken.
You are not broken.
You are exquisite. Even in the places with the shadows.
Especially in the places with the shadows.
I will speak to your brilliance, your depth, your beauty,
because that’s what I see and know to be true.

Likewise, I refuse to profit from pain.
Especially the kind of pain that is manufactured in a sales page.
Especially that.

Speaking of sales pages… I refuse to write those, too.
Of course, I will tell you when I’ve made something for you. Of course.
And yes, I would like it very much if you buy what I make. Yes.
When you buy what I make, you help hold the space for me to make more, give more, explore more. As far as I can tell, that is a good thing.

And my hope is that you will love the thing I made for you much more than you loved the dollars you paid for it. That is definitely a good thing.
Even so…
I want it to be because you’re motivated by curiosity and love, not because I shook you up with urgency-speak and fear, then pushed you to the buy button while you were still seeing stars.


  1. Such a great use of all those phrases we all (yes, I'm speaking for everyone) clip and tuck away for just the perfect moment. I really like this piece. My best writing inspiration (when I only wrote) used to come during my runs (when I ran). There's something about using the other side of our brain for a while that opens us to amazing ideas.

    And thanks for the quote. Such eloquent integrity.


  2. I love that you got this idea while you were out walking! Turned out really great, too. :)

    That was written from the heart by Lisa Baldwin. Nice!

  3. I also get a lot of good ideas when I´m walking or running. When I´m stuck it´s always a good idea to put my jogging shoes on!

  4. YES!!!
    Something about breathing in deep, running always gets me thinking of creative ideas. :]
    Love your use of words and art. These two elements work well together.
    Thank you for sharing your, art, talent, and thoughts ((hugs))

  5. Blank pages are scary, that's why I try to avoid them.

    I tend to get ideas at strange and inconvenient times too, so I now have a small book full of various random scribbles that occasionally turn into art.

    Love the page :)


  6. Awesome piece! Today I am guilty of sitting in front of a balnk page with frustration, it just wasn't flowing at all...... so tomorrow I will go for a walk and see what comes along.