Monday, November 14, 2011

peaceful heart

I bought this music book at Frenchy's - a second hand shop near my home. I wish i could tell you i bought it to play music, but I'm actually using it for painting. Proof once again that art doesn't need to be expensive. There's something about painting on paper that's very liberating to me. Less expensive than canvas, and if you screw it up, so be it. It's $1.00. :-) And these music sheets are nice & thick.

... this little woman looks like she could sing though... 

...and wouldn't you know it - it's a christian burial music book.
Leave it to me to pick out the gems...


  1. ohhh darn blogger just took my comment... its been acting up these days.. I'll try again...

    I love this idea, Pauline.. great paper just waiting for a second life... Love your ingenuity...
    I have a big old format music book that i use for making envelopes.. take care

  2. Love sheet music for the exact same reason. She almost looks like she is contemplating life so rather fitting I think! Julie

  3. Love this, music sheets are one of my favourite pieces of ephemera to paint on, thanks for sharing :) x