Friday, November 18, 2011

sharpie doodle - Art Every Day Month - day 18

Whenever i listen to podcasts, (unless i'm taking notes!), I usually doodle with Sharpies on glossy photo paper. This is far from perfect, but it's very meditative for me to be repeating the same patterns.

...add a bit of colour...

...and presto - a quasi-mandala. :-)

I'm not sure if this would qualify as an official "mandala" but i had fun doing it and it took me about 30 minutes - the same amount of time as the podcast i was listening to.

And for the record, no, i am not an overachiever, making use of every waking minute of the day.
There are times where i just sit & do nothing, and i'm ok with that. :-)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I love the colors you chose! Having sitting and doing nothing moments is so important and valuable also. I think it's those moments that offer new perspectives, insights and re-charge our creative batteries.

  2. Were you told you were an overacheiver? I get that sometimes and feel a little defensive. Just me I guess.
    THANK YOU for visiting my blog and making comments on my mom's portrait! I love love your work, I have been looking thru your blog (while I should be working! hehe) Oh well TGIF and I'll be back for more! I will join your blog:)

  3. Wow, that is beautiful! I love the pattern and the colors. I love doodling and Zentangles. I find it very meditative and therapeutic. I also love Mandalas. I think it qualifies as a Mandala if you say it does. You're the artist. :-)

  4. I think it definitely qualifies as a mandala. You did a great job on it too, Pauline!

  5. Hi Pauline...Thanks for visiting my blog on Friday. To answer your question, I did the "Bird in Fog" canvas using a paper outline and two colors of spray paint (copper and silver). Your work is wonderful!

  6. Hey Pauline, Thanks for visiting my blog! I looked through some of your posts and it seems like we like similar things!! I am glad you are doing AEDM and I hope it brings lots of inspiration!!

  7. so beautiful! i love the little tassels around the edge and that the green ovals look a bit like prickly pear cactus. thanks for stopping by my blog I'm happy to have met you!