Sunday, June 3, 2012

woman at train station and blue waves...

hi everyone!

I'm linking this to Illustration Friday,
another weekly challenge that encourages art.

The word for this week is: HURRY!

It's always so inspiring
to see some of the fabulous work there...

(this is mixed media - acrylic on paper, charcoal, micron pens.)

I've made a conscious decision in the past few weeks
to spend less time on the computer,
and more time with art.

I am determined to make a decent living as an artist
if it kills me, dammit. 

A few posts ago, I wrote about  how i believe
it takes a lot of courage to be an artist. 

It also takes hard work.

It may look easy,
but it's not all sparkles and rainbows.

Besides the naysayers
and the awkward feeling of never fitting in to society,
some things may happen sometimes
that cause us to question
the value of our own work.

In the past few years,
I've sent my work to several magazine publishers,
and have been rejected.

I've sent my paintings to a juried show -

I've sent my writings to book publishers -

I've sent more paintings to another juried show -
again, rejected.

I've sent paintings to a gallery,
just in a more chi chi poo poo kinda way. 

See where the courage comes in handy?

In addition to courage, it also takes


and hard work

and determination

and vision

and confidence

and clarity

and patience.

Yes, above all, patience.

Chocolate and wine don't hurt either.

I am comforted by the fact
that many successful artists and writers
had their walls plastered with rejection slips
at one time or another.

I am also comforted by the fact
that I know this is where my heart belongs.
I know this is my truth.
This is where my love lies.

And so, i will carry on -

regardless of who likes or doesn't like,
regardless of who approves or not,
regardless of sales,
and i hope that those of you
who are struggling sometimes,
all do the same.

If it means getting yourself a part time job somewhere
to allow yourself to keep creating,
do it.

You'll find a way.

Keep making good work.

Keep sharing it.

Your art needs to be put out in the world...
because that's where it belongs.

Your songs need to be shared
because that's how they become songs...

Don't die with your songs
still in you.

He who has a why to live for
can bear almost any how.


  1. Lovely woman at the train station! Those colors are just so vibrant and just make a really interesting color story. Great expression on her face, too. Rather enigmatic. Really cool combination of mediums, too.

  2. Loving your lady at the station am sure she has a story to tell, beautiful work. x

  3. Everytime I feel down about art, or that nobody likes the art that I do, I think of Van Gogh who sold only 1 painting in his life but kept going nonetheless.

  4. Oh Pauline, you speak from the heart! ((hugs))
    Pass the wine and chocolate, please. ;]
    As creative souls, we are all walking the same path... It is having the right attitude, believing in ourself, and the courage to keep pushing through, that makes all the difference in the world.
    Thank you for sharing, always.

  5. I admire your honesty and courage!! Both of these qualities are needed in abundance to succeed with your goals! Can't wait to see the path they help you take!

    Your take on the Illustration Friday challenge and wonderful - I feel her desire for the train to HURRY!

  6. My personal two cents--
    When I was trying to get a short story published I sent it to 30 literary magazines. Several never responded (I count those as rejections, too) and then suddenly one of them wanted to publish it. And then another literary magazine did and was okay with it being previously accepted to be published. 28 rejections out of 30. I figured that was fortunate. You just never know.

    Truth. You have to want to keep doing what you do because you just love doing it.

    But you need to keep a roof over your head and food on the table. So unless you have somebody to pay your bills, like Van Gogh had his brother, you need to keep your day job, as they say. But you can keep sending things out and collecting rejection letters and slips (some are tiny pieces of paper like you aren't worth a whole sheet). Above all--just keep doing what you truly love. Do it for yourself because you just have to. :):)

  7. Thanks so much for this beautiful and timely post Pauline. I'm trying to figure out how the heck I can keep a roof over my head without continuing to make myself miserable at office jobs that pay the bills. Twenty years of working 'jobs for now' is getting a little old! Thank you for sharing your tenacity, determination, and braveness. Your skills and talents cannot be ignored any longer!!! xx

  8. Wow Pauline, you certainly have a way with your writing. You painting is pretty darn good too!! :) that last line is pretty powerful - 'Don't die with your songs still in you.' I need to hear that. WTG friend!

  9. Love that woman waiting on the train! Also, great post for every artist to read, inspiring!

  10. Way to go Pauline. Thanks for sharing your self-pep talk and your waves. I so love your white dots :).
    Stay inspired!

  11. Thank you all for the lovely comments...

    Rita, thanks for reminding me i'm not alone.
    Lorinda, i SO get your "office work" frustration. :-)

    I'm grateful to be part of such a supportive tribe. xoxo

  12. Lovely use of the medium ! it is beautiful :)

  13. Beautiful work of art! Ye i do agree that you need to keep creating to satisfy your own passion. Those
    who want to sing always find a song :)

  14. Just been catching up on your last three posts, and chuckling away to myself, alone in my living room, as usual. :) Yours is the only blog that makes me LITERALLY laugh out loud.

    Anyway. I just wanted to add my two pence to your thoughts about rejection/perseverance etc. I have a new theory that goes thus: I only submit/ask/offer my work to galleries etc when I feel INSPIRED to do so. If I come from a place of 'must make money' or something like that it feels icky and tends not to work out. But I felt inspired to offer my work to the place where I do Nia the other day and they were not only delighted but totally enthusiastic and joyful about it. Whether I sell any or not no longer feels as important as just sharing my work and having it give joy to others every day. Which kind of makes me feel like the money might come more easily like that... Mind you, I only hung them yesterday so it's still just a theory! I'll keep you posted.... xx

  15. Beautiful image, great words.... Ditto here. I think it is good less time at the computer. More can be accomplished, right?.
    And also ditto on the results so far, I just don't even write about it, I just keep going.
    I won't stop making art, just can't :o)

  16. I have grabbed a glass of wine and I am staying for awhile...I have enjoyed every minute here. Oddly I havent been able to get to your blog lately as when I click on your link it sends me to a phishing site(whatever that might be?) Blame it on wordpress. I am here now and all is good. I had to stop and comment here as most of this post rang true for me.You have a gift for putting all of it into words so eloquent and to the point.I have to admit I was also drawn in by the beautiful woman...beautifully done. I have bookmarked you now so no more running around to find you...but I have to laugh as it wasnt that hard in this rather small creative world we have created! Take care my friend, julie