Saturday, June 23, 2012

IF - space

I'm linking this to Illustration Friday
on a Saturday!

This is only my second entry
in the Illustration Friday weekly challenge.

This week's topic: SPACE.

dry pastels on paper...

and the little guy was done in watercolor
and black micron pens.

The colors are off (the white space around him is not really this white!)
 but you get the idea.

Weekly challenges like these are great
to help keep me on my toes.

I remember looking at Illustration Friday entries
not so long ago,
and thinking this:

I wish i was good enough to post on IF.

Not so many months later,
and here i am. :-)

I've learned that it has less to do with being good
and more to do with being brave.

Daring to participate.

Daring to share.

Getting past the fear of "not being good enough".

There are some fabulously talented illustrators there,
but i am no longer intimidated.

I am rather pretty happy
about sharing this space
with so many of them.


  1. I really like how you've created the illusion of space in this illustration. It looks as if the little boy is in a cave or a tunnel. I also agree with you that overcoming our own judgements about our own work is a big step towards being more free within ourselves, which fuels greater creativity.

  2. I absolutely LOVE everything about this! You certainly don't have to worry about sharing. :)

  3. Another post with a wonderful positive attitude!! Big up the Brave! You're a wonderful artist, I'd hate it if lack of courage meant you never shared it =) Lucky for us you have all the necessary heart (and cojones - and someone recently told me they're called? lol|) much love xx

  4. This is great, I love your take on the prompt. I lurked here for like a year before I felt brave enough to post ;)

  5. Perfect!! LOVE the story that goes with it - you are truly a talented artist!!

  6. Yay! So glad you were brave. I love your space :).
    Stay inspired!

  7. Thank you for sharing the inspiration to be brave.. I know there is SPACE for me in the big wide world of art. I just have to remember to be brave!

  8. Love this little guy, he's so cute!

  9. I love your IF illustration!!! Lovely way of capturing space. And I love your blog as well...great mix of your work and your words...I added you to my daily blog menu...

  10. you are really sweet :) Thanks so much for the kind comment.

  11. How absolutely wonderful. Your art and words have touched my heart today. Thank you for your ongoing inspiration!

  12. Pauline, I love your blog so much and I thank you thank you thank you for such kind commments you make when you visit my blog:))
    You are so lovely!

    This illustration is perfect and says it all. Great job, my friend!
    Fran T XO

  13. Goodness lady! You are MORE than good enough. Glad you're seeing and feeling that and are being fear*less! It's a beautiful, poignant piece. All that space says so much xx

  14. This is extremely cute & wonderful interpretation of Space... look at the baffled look of the boy!
    Loved it Pauline:)

  15. That IF illustration is awesome... I've never really had a go over there, but maybe it is time I took the plunge... this is one of my favourite pieces of your artwork you know... I like it even more than the picasso sketch you did and i loved that...xx

  16. Such a cute little fellow, and a lovely, grand scale to it. Hooray for Illustration Friday! (I had the same internal dialogue about IF but it's been many months now and I haven't looked back.) ;)

  17. Great character. I especially like the angle of his head.

  18. Great take on the theme and such a wonderful little character! Thank you for sharing - both your art & your story!