Wednesday, May 30, 2012

yellow head and spirit man

hi everyone!

Finally - a night of painting last night.

a few blotches of color...
(purple, blue, beige)

spreading the color and adding a bit of texture
in white and black...

I use anything at hand... in this case,
an old credit card (for the lines)
bubble wrap for the black circles,
and a sponge for the white texture. 

Some added red and detail,
like dots, of course!

Then just for the fun of it,
i flipped the book upside down,
and saw something totally different.

Do you do this sometimes?

It only works with semi abstract paintings, of course
but it's fun to be surprised
by what we find when we look at it
from another angle.

In this case, i saw a giant yellow head
eating a purple germ.

I'm sure a shrink would have a far better description
of what this actually represents, but for now,
let's go with the giant head and purple germ,
shall we?

So after this fun, colorful little abstract piece,
i still felt like painting, but this time,
something more quiet. 

I bought this book
at a second hand book store
a few weeks ago (for $3)
filled with wonderful black and white photographs
and beautiful stories.

a great title, i thought...

And so i chose this photograph,
taken in India.

Something very spiritual about this.

When i looked at this photo initially,
my first thought was:

I wish i was this spiritual.

There's a big difference
between being spiritual and being religious.

i am not religious.

I had a little piece of left over watercolor paper.

A few lines with Micron pens...
added watercolor, and then (brace yourselves...)

without even thinking about it

i was inspired to add these words -
misspelling and all.

Don't ask me why.

Other than the fact that
I was listening to music at the time (Pink Floyd)
and these are some of the lyrics
in the song "Wish you were here".

I love the lyrics of that song,
i'm just not sure they belong here.

But thanks to Photoshop,
I'll have them removed by the end of the day. 

Wishing you all a great day
in your little corner of the world.

Make time for the things
and the people
you love.


  1. I love the watercolour piece! The top picture reminds me of squiggly tadpoles, and I might have left it at that. I turn my paintings upside down to check for accuracy, but I can see how that works well for an abstract painting. I saw a big fish eating a little fish in yours.

  2. What an inspiring post! I love where you took your abstract- both upside down and right side up (although with abstracts only artist truly knows which is which). The $3 book that lead to your sketch- a treasure! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I always love to come here to visit. Your work and your words always inspire me. I do turn my work upside down and it is always fun to see what it looks like that. Sometimes better than the way it was intended.
    What a wonderful book you found. Your watercolor is beautiful.
    I too find that I have become spiritual rather than religious. I find that hard to explain to people sometimes but it makes sense to me.

  4. Awesome abstract and spiritual guy. Pink Floyd is one of my all time favourite bands and Wish You Were Here brings back so many memories.
    Stay inspired!

  5. Wow, beautiful watercolor!! I like what you did with your colors - I have a hard time being totally spontaneous like that... brains gets stuck...

  6. LOVE your abstracts! They are always amazing and I love the tip about using the edge of a credit card for lines!!

  7. Wow! I love seeing how you created a piece like the abstract one. And I love that photo of the man in the water. You did a good job of recreating that, too. Nice! :)

  8. Hello Pauline I've loved looking at your recent creations, your abstract piece is full of interest and captivates with its bold colours and shapes, I just love your creativity in this one, you too Pauline keep on enjoying and making time for all you love and thanks for sharing your lovely creations and words with us! xx

  9. Such different and yet equally poignant pieces. Your talents and the thoughts that you share with us leave me amazed and delighted every time Pauline xx

  10. Oh, these are beautiful!! :]
    So uplifting, soul searching, inspiring pieces of work, Pauline.
    Yes, "make time"... for the value of life!!
    Live it well.

  11. Gorgeous abstract painting, Pauline!
    I love seeing images emerge in your process.
    I see a lovely yellow bird. :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  12. Wow, I love the difference between the two styles one so loose and free and the other so tight and descriptive- the "Heros for ghosts" quip is perfect- super clever!
    Happy PPF,

  13. Loving your fun abstract work and your Hero for ghosts. Happy PPF, Annette x

  14. Pauline these are both wonderful! Love both the vibrancy of the abstract and calm of the man in the water. Great job of shading and capturing the water!

  15. Pauline ~ love how your art is expanding and growing so beautifully ~ Wow ~ both works are great ~ play on ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  16. I love that watercolour but the abstract is really effective as well... it is funny the images that speak to us isn't it... I find I come across and image and I want to draw it and the subject matter often surprises me... I love your spiritual piece...xx

  17. You have a lot of really cool work here. I've been flipping through the archives and they make me smile. I love the dot patterns that are in so many of your paintings. They seem to give the works a ton of energy and life.

  18. Great abstract!! The other is awesome too!! The quote works wonderfully!!

    Hugs Giggles

  19. Very good post, I loved it, the first work I like as is, with the colors without expanding, so if it is the spirit of the man jajaja parce. You are a great artist. Saludos

  20. Both these paintings are fantastic. I really love the watercolor, you managed to convey so much with such a simple palette.

  21. Such fun to watch that abstract grow! I love the way it turned out!
    both directions too.
    Nicely done second painting as well!

  22. Squeee! First, I love your abstract and your process...great colors and energy. Second, I love the man in the water and the saying! He has so much feeling and calm, I could use a bit every now and then. ;) Thanks for sharing both paintings and your steps, I love seeing the progress. Well done!