Sunday, June 24, 2012

birthday and my FIRST giveaway!! Yay!

Today is my birthday (yay for me!)
and i celebrated with a few things...
one of them being a Dairy Queen treat with my son.


Then i decided to put a bit of order in my blue room.

i'm no clean freak, but when things get so messy
that i don't even want to go in the room,
it's time for order. ;-)

I had paper everywhere.
When i finish a painting or drawing,
it tends to just sit on the corner of my table.
Eventually, that one painting turns into 3, or 5, or 10
and i just thought it might be cool to put them on the wall.

Some are copies of my work, some are originals.
I bought this ball of string and tiny little clothespins
for like $2 at the Dollar Store. Gotta love it.
Cheap can still be efficient.

Two little nails at each end, tied the string,
use the cute little pins to hang the paper, and voilĂ .
Perfecte-mondo. :-)

A few other things i did to celebrate the day...
watched a movie with my son,
chatted with a few friends,
enjoyed a glass of wine,
had a nice dinner,
and went for a walk (despite the crappy weather...)

.....and...... (drumroll)....
did this little baby for a giveaway!!


What a better way to celebrate my birthday than to have a giveaway!?

Scuba girl...
the size is 6" x 9", so if you're the big winner,
it shouldn't cost you a fortune to frame... 
Or if you prefer, you can always just tack it on your wall as is. :-)

I've seen a few blogs that had a giveaways,
and they had this fancy shmancy way of picking the winner's name,
done electronically, some randomizer, exact name picker
more accurate than NASA's moon landing gear.

I somehow got it in my head that if ever i had a giveaway,
i'd have to figure out how do this electronic shnazy picking a name bit.

Then i thought, "hey, i have an idea!
How 'bout i just pick names out of a hat,
like they did in the good ol' days?!?"
(notice i said they and not we...?!) ;-)

Yeah. We're picking names out of a hat.
Or in my case, out of a bowl, cause i have no friggin' hats in the house.
Fair and square.

So anyone interested in getting this original little baby by moi,
just leave me your name in the comments,
and give me ONE word that describes
why you live where you live in the world. 
(family? job? responsibilities? etc...)

Not too difficult, right?

I'll be picking a winner this Wednesday, June 27
and i'll post the name on Thursday, June 28,
so you have a few days to get your comments in...

For those who don't make it, don't worry.
I'll be having more giveaways. :-)
My way of saying THANK YOU
to all of you who have made the choice to follow my blog,
and to leave such heartfelt comments...


  1. Hi! I've been blog hopping a bit this evening and discovered you! I went back a bit, too, and I just wanted to tell you that I loved the line you wrote about Blogging is what KEPT you painting. This is how I feel, but I just never knew it...blogging keeps me journaling more...writing more...sharing is good. I like your art, your style. Have a great new week. K

  2. Happy, happy birthday!!! :):) I love the little clothesline idea. Clever!

    The scuba girl looks a little underwater lost. I feel like that sometimes. I could relate to her. ;) I'm not sure I could figure out that fancy winner picker thingie, either. And who has hats anymore--LOL!

    Why I live where I live in the world? Yes, one word IS difficult for the likes of me. How about two--"college" (why I'm in this area) and "disabled" (why I'm in this apartment). That is how I got up here and why I will probably stay here forever. ;)

    Sounds like you had a really nice birthday! Maybe you can stretch it out a few more days. ;)

  3. Love your scuba girl!!! At first I thought it looked like a ''cartoony jelly fish'' But I like the scuba girl!!!

    Why I live here....FAMILY!!!

  4. FAMILY - probably the reason most people live where they do - I moved away for 12 years but once we had kids it was time to come back home by my mom/dad/brothers!!

    LOVE how you displayed your art on the string!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I love the hanging pictures idea. That's just what I had in mind. So glad you enjoyed your special day!!
    Stay inspired!

  6. Many More Yippppppyyy returns of the Day Pauline! Sounds like you had a great day with such YUM treat:))) May you have such great days even more:)

    And now to the giveaway...YAY!!! Again! That's a fab scuba girl & who wouldn't want to have I am in...:)

    To your query, I am in this part of the world entirely for my husband who works here in Dubai. Personally I would love to be in homeland near my family & friends:)

    I would like to let you know that there'll be a giveaway soon at Hues n Shades too. It's my second one & the first time even I had the lucky winner picked by my daughter...:)

    Once again....Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy b day! Never been to a DQ, looks good. My word for why I live where I live is REVEL..... Have a great birthday week! Lol I like birthday week better....

  8. Nice to catch up with all that has been happening in your world and a huge stupendous happy birthday... late or not I still hope you had a cracking day, though there were magic words in there like ice cream, wine, friends and nice dinner so it sounds as though you had a cracking good day!!!
    the giveaway is a fun idea and I have always had a great time when i have done them... hope it is as much fun for you... why I live where I live???? Tea... all my favourite teas are in the pantry here so why would I move!!!

  9. Love your scuba I've thought long and hard to find one word that says why I live here and give the giveaway a shot! My word would be BALL GAME. As in: Life is just a ball game and threw us back here ("home" which isn't 'home' anymore after 20 years) by the crisis and chance. My husband found a nice job 'back home' of all places...and for me it doesn't matter where I live. I can do my work anywhere...

  10. Happy birthday! The string-on-the-wall idea is really good. I might have to steal that one! :-) I live where I live because of ACCESSIBILITY to London where my son and I go to visit museums and galleries very often.

  11. Happy birthday, Pauline. It looks and sounds like it was a great day to begin a wonderful year.

    I'd love to be the winner of scuba girl. She's great.

    Now why I live where I do. Love - family, friends, home.

  12. Happy Birthday, ice creams looked yummy. I might have to go look at your first poster here too more inspiration. Loving the scuba girl, oh and your paintings all tidyied up might have to try that one.

    Another one with the answer being FAMILY too. wouldnt be living in this overpriced dog hating part of the world for any other reason thats for sure.

  13. Happy Happy, Pauline!! I love it that we share a birthday week, mine was last Monday!!

    I had a lot of my stuff up here in the Wee Cottage and one day I felt like a rainbow had thrown-up on my walls and cleared it all away. Little by slowly I've started putting up my paintings. I like the feel of BEing surrounded by things I made BEcause I loved making them!!

    I live here, where I live Now, BEcause-I-Can!! [hoping the hyphens work!!]


  14. Happy birthday Pauline! Love your art-line! I live in Florida (where your scuba girl would be very happy) because it is usually PARADISE! Unfortunately Tropical Storm Debby is causing much rain at the moment. But when she stops we will be all gorgeous and very green. Thanks for all the fun inspiration!

  15. Happy Birthday! i hope you had a good time:) Thank you so much for your kind comments and I love coming to your blog as well to check in on all the great stuff you have going on. I really like the idea of the clothesline. Its not something I would have thought of but I really like the idea, especially since I have accumulated so many of the index cards from my current challenge:)
    I would have to use the word MOJO for the reason why I'm back in New York again. LOL!!!! That is one of the reasons anyway. I lost it all while in Flordia. NY is where I am from, its where I've rediscovered my energy, passion and love for all things painting/drawing again. Its electric really! :))

  16. Ohh..happy Birthday to you! What perfect timing to stop by. It sounds like you had a very good day. That was quite the sundae.... Unfortunately, I am feeling a bit lost right at the moment which is exactly why i am sitting here mid-afternoon blog hopping. I think a big, fat sundae would do me good right about now...and i just happen to have ice cream in the fridge. ...yay! Ok..why do I live here in Whistler? Peace and quiet! Its definately not because of the weather:(( Take care, Julie

  17. First Happy Birthday! What a great celebration day you had. I can relate to that "turtle" sundae! My fav! Great giveaway painting, and draw from whatever you have handy is a good idea, too!

  18. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a great birthday!! So far I felt all the happiness in your post!

    Of course I would love to be include in your giveaway. It's a beauty!!

    Just to let you know I will have a giveaway soon (will be my second one) and like you I used and will use again a bowl, the participants names and the SAINT hands ;) of my 6 year old daughter and 4 year old boy. I will be celebrating a year of blogging.

    I live here because of I got married, left my family, friends work and country to start a life here.

    Thank you and have an amazing day!!!

  19. Happy Birthday!! Love the snorkelling art!!!! The curves in the water are perfect! One word for why I live where I do: family.

  20. YAY!!! You guys have all made my day.... i'm so happy to see so many names here. I don't have time to post any artwork tonight, but i'll be posting tomorrow. THANK YOU all for the wonderful comments and for leaving your names for the draw! i cannot WAIT to see who gets it!

    For anyone else out there who wants "in", just leave your name before midnight on Wednesday. Happy love to you all... xoxo

    Super fun, I will play...
    "NATIVE", born and raised in Sunny California.
    I really enjoyed seeing all your artwork hanging on your wall... BEAUTIFUL.! :]

  22. Oh I missed this post! Belated Happy Birthday Pauline!! Love the Scuba chick! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday, many happy returns of the day!!
    If I'm not too late, my word decribing why i live here in Ontario is family (but River is neck and neck with that!)

  23. What the what!? How did I miss the one post that was for your birthday (HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!) and for your giveaway. I wondered what you were talkin' about. Sigh. Better luck next time. But I really do wish you a wonderful new year. Hope it brings you all that you dream of! xx