Sunday, June 10, 2012

pastels and Relay for Life

hello friends!

Not much art to show this week...

I'm in the crest of the wave
rather than on the wave itself lately.
But that's ok.
I'm still on the ocean.

I've had these dry pastels for about 20 years. 


I've used them once or twice,
and didn't like the feel so much
so i just left them there.

But time changes things, doesn't it?

Like dreams we had years ago
that are no longer the same dreams,
or partners we chose
that no longer meet our needs
or the car we loved
that we no longer care for... ;-)

All of a sudden, when i found the box the other night,
they called to me again. ;-)

So this is what i attempted, on paper.
The face looks far too male -
or maybe it's the lack of hair...
but she's a cancer survivor,
so i wanted little hair.

i loved the pastels this time.

Love the feeling of rubbing my fingers in the chalk dust
and the rough look of dry pastels.

...yes, that's a halo. :-)

Anyone going through chemotherapy,
I've decided -
deserves a halo.

Don't you love the roughness?

It's funny how much we change
in terms of what we want to paint or draw as artists.

Years ago, i loved precision.
i loved making art that looked as much
like a photograph as possible.

Now - not so much.

There's nothing wrong with painting realistically.
It's just not where my heart is at this time.

Then i had this little piece of scrap watercolor paper
and did this little bunch of funky leaves.

The paper is only about 3" x 7"
but you don't need huge amounts of paper
to make a little bit of art, right?

i love making the little spirals...

On another note, this past Friday night
my family and i went to the Relay for Life, in our home town.

The Relay is a yearly fundraising event
that focuses on cancer survivors
and those who have lost the battle.

I was never comfortable with calling it a "battle"...
it sounds like a fight within oneself,
and i'm not sure that's really what it is.

Anything we see as a battle
is already lost from the beginning.

The beauty and transformation comes,
i believe - in acceptance.

In surrender.

These are my lovely parents... from behind. :-)

Cancer survivors (in the yellow and white tshirts)
walk around the track and teams of people
who participated in the fundraising
walk for 24 hours...
from 7pm till 7am
in support of finding a cure for cancer.

Each little white bag you see on each side of the track
has a little tealight candle in it
and the name of a person chosen by those
who donated to the cause.
They are usually names
of lost loved ones.

At dusk, they light all the candles around the track
and they stay lit for the duration 
of the 24 hour walk...
it's beautiful.

One word describes what the Relay for Life is all about:


wishing you all a wonderful week ahead
filled with good moments.


  1. Oh Pauline, what a meaningful event that must be. I could feel the emotions radiating out of your post. Your pastel piece is wonderful! The materials I use now are so, so different than those I used 10, 15, 20 years ago. I used to be an acrylics on canvas only kinda girl cuz that was the only way to get a perfect, clean line. Ha! Thank goodness I've moved on from those expectations! Take good care my friend and enjoy meditating with your spirals. xx

  2. Pauline I adore each and every profound poignant post you put together! I love the pastel portrait there is a beauty in her linky body. Your funky leaves are cool too... I prefer heartfelt unique creativity. I can take a photo of the real things....I agree we do outgrow old ideas, old cars, and sometime old partners! It opens the door for new challenges and experimentation!!

    You are so fortunate to still have both parents!!They are adorable!

    My daughter and son-in-law are doing the underwear affair in honor of his parents who have both survived cancer below the belt! I am so proud of them!!

    Both my parents passed from cancer.

    Hugs and thanks for sharing

  3. What lovely, lovely art--rediscovering, trying again, learning, moving ahead--and beautiful words.

  4. LOVE the texture the pastels allowed. I have been staying away from them too... and I think I'll just let you continue doing your magic with them for the time being. Your mom wears yellow shirt..she survived... thankful with you...

  5. Gorgeous art is stunning..I absolutely love her..the pastels and textures are fabulous and magical..! And wonderful tribute to your parents and the relay. Shine on and keep shining!

  6. I always wanted to paint and draw realistically and am now trying to break away from that. (Couldn't manage to do it in the first place--LOL!) Yes, I like the cancer survivor lady and the roughness of the pastels. And the leaves and spirals looks very meditative and happy. Looks like quite a gathering. Must have been impressive in the dark with all those candles lit along the pathway. Wow! Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Hello Pauline!
    Such a wonderful post, on self discovery, permission to just let things be, and to breathe. ((hugs))
    Just last month, we had Relay for Life, at our local high school.
    Such a touching event.
    My son battled cancer, just a few months ago... he is a survivor!!
    Take care, dear one. :]

  8. You've had a busy time. Wonderful that you did the race for life, and your parents too, what troopers. That's a long walk. I have boxes of pastels from 23 years ago in my stash, something I started off with in art college. I made friends with them again a few months ago and now I can't stop drawing with them. Thanks for following me, I'm following you too now! Michelle x PS I love the little green flowers too. xx

  9. Pauline, it's a very touching post this one, your heart is well in it and your pastel piece has a fragility and strength to it that touches me, she certainly deserves that halo!
    Take care and thanks as always for sharing with us.

  10. Lovely little bookmark with the green leaves. Nice touch.

  11. I've had a similar experience to your pastels- I am amazed at how I've changed over time ( since I am pretty sure the paints hadn't changed). Love all the colors you used to draw her- my favorite part is the close up of the face! Our Relay for Life is next weekend- it really is an amazing event!

  12. Hi Pauline!
    Beautiful post, very strong and peaceful at the same time. I love your illustration of the cancer survivor. In my last post I have a WIP in honor of the survivor.

    Your leafs feel very free and happy.

    Have a beautiful day!

  13. What an amazing post! Your survivor is stunning and moving. Great work!

  14. This is a very moving post and I love the art work you did. I lost a sister to cancer 11 years ago. She died 15 days after first going to the doctor with chest pain and shortness of breath. I agree with you about not framing it as a battle, by the way. nancy