Thursday, June 21, 2012

wrinkles in perspective

hello friends!

I've been thinking about pressure lately,
and how we're often swayed one way or the other
to be something else
or have something more
or create something different than everyone else.

The world is filled with people
who always seem to have more than we have...

The bigger house,
the newer car,
the better opportunities,
the yearly vacations,
the fashionable clothes...

But it's all a matter of perspective, isn't it?

I am fortunate to have a caring, compassionate
and intelligent doctor. 
She practices during the day at her office,
she also treats patients at a nightly clinic sometimes,
she is occasionally on call at the hospital,
and she does work at the oncology center nearby.
More recently, she partnered with someone in medical aesthetics.
She also has a husband, and children.

Basically, she's a dedicated workaholic and/or an overachiever,
and probably a rich one. :-)

This morning, we were talking about perspective and gratitude,
and she mentioned seeing a patient who was 35 years old (or young!)
and desperate to get rid of her wrinkles.

On the same day, 
she worked at the oncology center
and saw another patient who is 37 and in chemotherapy
for breast cancer.
The woman has no hair,
one breast,
and 2 small children.

I doubt she's too concerned about her wrinkles...

For one woman, wrinkles are the focus,
and for the other - survival.
Being there for her children.
Staying in this world just a little longer...

This just tugged at my heart
and reminded me of how petty our problems often are.
How important it is to be grateful,
to not complain.
to think of others who have so much less than we do.

The new cars, the big houses
the trips around the world
mean nothing to someone with 2 months to live.

This day matters.

Make it worthwhile.

And on the subject of gratitude,
i am forever grateful to have you all here
on this little journey with me.

Who knows where we'll go?
Much love


  1. Hello Pauline oh how great to read your touching words! I have been reading up on all your posts I've missed of late, you are an inspiration, your art and your soulful words. I even shared your post with my man tonight. It's always so good to put things into perspective and to remain true to yourself. Enjoying the simple things life offers us and not getting caught up in wanting more. Gratitude is the word and relishing the moments we have in a day. I have enjoyed visiting you here, take care Pauline and keep on with your lovely creations and words, I thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Loved reading your post. Your words are so very right.

  3. That is so very true. It's all in your perspective. I was blessed to have a child that I was told wouldn't live. It brings your focus down to the present times, gratitude for each breath.

    He surprised them and lived...through heart failures, experimental surgery, infections, newer surgeries...they gave up guessing how long he'd live with his patched and re-patched heart and pacemaker. (God willing, he'll be 38 in November!) But the gift of gratitude--being able to focus on the little things--and yet seeing the bigger picture--well, it has never failed to serve me well. :):)

  4. FANTASTIC! :]
    "gratitude" a subject we should never lose sight of!!! ((hugs))
    Thank you for such a gentle reminder.

  5. Pauline, this was beautiful. Your words and your art are so powerful. Thank you for sharing both with the world.

  6. Thank you for that beautiful reminder of what is important. I am grateful that I found your blog with your thoughtful words and wonderful art.

  7. This one really stopped me today, though I have to say your posts regularly DO that. So much thoughty and thought-provoking and thought-inspiring in each and every one.

    I have a regular Gratitude practise that I've just started sharing on a blog. I've been DOing it since 2007 when my Life & World were very different from what they are Now.

    And here's the thing: where you say:
    This day matters.
    Make it worthwhile.
    I say YES YES YES!! It is all that we EVER have, this, Right Now, even with our long backward staring at the past or our "living it forward" focus on tomorrow, even this afternoon!!!
    As I have learned to live Right Now I find that my needs are met abundantly and gently. I "don't have" what I once considered essential, and I have so much that I took so for granted it didn't EVEN make it into my Gratitude practise.
    Reading you today inspires me to simply love the day as it is, as it is NOT. Today, and every other Right Now I may BE granted!!

  8. Wonderful wise words, and great artwork to match.

    Love reading your blog.


  9. I really felt so alive when I read this wise post of yours!
    To act courageously in life, following our choices will definitely bring sunshine into our lives.
    Only, it should not make others unhappy!See the conundrum!

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