Wednesday, June 27, 2012

sailboats and Brené Brown

hi everyone!
Happy hump day.

Remember the sailboat painting?
I finally continued it last night...

The sailboats aren't all yellow in reality.

At this point, i'm just looking at dark and light
and i'll be adding the color of each boat later.

Initially, i thought i would paint the sky around the white lines (sail posts)
and then i wondered why the hell would i do that
instead of just painting the white lines after the sky is done?!

Sometimes, when i'm painting, i get caught up in the moment
and i think my brain ceases to function.
My heart works fine,
but my brain is sometimes a little off.

I know professional artists who paint from left to right.
Some who paint the front first,
and work their way back.
Some who paint the lighter colors first,
and then the dark.

There's no right or wrong way to paint.

Don't let anyone tell you it needs to be done
a certain way
to qualify as art.

The only way it needs to be done
is your way.

I always look forward to sitting for another few hours with a painting.
I'll post the finished piece on my blog when it's done.

Flora Bowley recently said something that i thought was interesting.

She talked about the importance of just painting
(or journaling, or writing, etc.)

The percentage of time we spend making art
should be higher
than the percentage of time we spend on the computer
looking for inspiration.

We all need inspiration now and then
but more than anything -
we just need to do our own thing,
share it with the world,
and go to our next own thing, right?

I watched a 20 min. video on TED yesterday
that i thought was profound.
Brené Brown, on vulnerability.
You can watch it here.

I believe that being vulnerable
is necessary in art.
In music.
In writing.
In blogging.

If we never risk anything
and keep ourselves safe and protected in our little bubble all the time,
how can that ever be growth?
How can being static ever become the birthplace of creativity?

I believe creativity happens because there is vulnerability.

A little reminder...
for those interested in leaving their names
for my 1st giveaway (scuba girl!)
you can do it here!

Draw happens tonight!


  1. I love your sailboats already!! I can't wait to see it finished. I got my last Curry's order delivered today, so now it's braving the knife painting in oil that I want to try. I'm going to look at those YouTube tutorials one more time and then dive in :).
    Stay inspired!

  2. I'm totally in love with the painting already!!!!
    I know what you mean about spending less time on the computer...I've been on it 2 hour already and I could have created something in that time :0(

  3. I read a quote yesterday from a famous artist about there being no wrong way for Art - brain of a pea cant remember who it was though.

    I just love your shiny water, its humid here tonight so I could happily jump into that.

  4. Hello Pauline, I've been catching up too with all your lovely posts. This latest piece with the sailing boats has me in awe, it's so very peaceful and beautiful. The sea is just so very well painted, I feel like I'm floating in the water, I can feel the ripples, beautiful effect. So great to visit you Pauline, you are such a creative soul!

  5. love your boats Pauline, just lovely!

  6. Your boats are fantastic! I love the water reflections are phenomenal!!! I totally agree that Brene Brown has powerfully empowering words! And Flora makes a good point!!

  7. oh a big YES to the boats! I especially admire your water and reflections. I'm taking notes, for my father-in-law wants me to paint something similar for him... totally intimidating... but seeing your process really really helps me think the thing through. Maybe I'm thinking too much and that's why I'm stalling...?:-/ Thanks for inspiring me anyway:-)

  8. I love your posts Pauline! Your artwork is beautiful, and you write so well! I just became your new follower! (and thanks for the advice on my blog; I might go with Weebly too, STILL didn't make up my mind..)

  9. I love that TED talk... it is very motivating isn't it, and the sailboats are looking amazing... I love them already...xx

  10. Already I love what you've done with the sky and the water reflections.
    Love the TED talks!! This one was great. I hadn't heard it. I agree with you that being vulnerable is a part of being creative, too.
    Have a super evening, sweetie!! :):)

  11. This is going to be one heck of a painting Pauline. Your water reflections are stellar. Wasn't Flora amazing!? I just fell in love with her (and immediately ordered her book--I couldn't help myself). I saw that Brene Brown TED talk several weeks ago and it floored me. I'm so glad that word of it is spreading. I made two pieces today, one I find...okay... and the other I don't like AT ALL (thank goodness it's only an index card). But whatever. I shared them. Maybe others will see something in them that I don't. Maybe they won't.... Keep up the wonderful work gorgeous you! xx

  12. Such calm in this painting! Beauty.