Thursday, June 14, 2012

the girl in the ocean...

hello lovely people...

eyes, eyes, and more eyes. ;-)

a few things on the go this week...
see what happens when i slow down with the blogging?

It's actually hard for me sometimes
not to post ever day. :-)

So here we go!

a painting i began recently - for a friend.
Still at the very early stages.

And this little baby i did last night.

This was so much fun to do.
I had forgotten how much i loved illustrating

I'm not sure whether the little girl is playing in the waves,
or drowning.

It's like that feeling
of just keeping our head above the water sometimes.

I bought this nice, thick, smooth white paper
supposedly for dry medium only.

yeah, whatever.
Dry, shmy.

I'll paint on toilet paper if i have to
so anything goes.

 i just knew i would add
acrylics or watercolor to this one.

i've never worked with COPIC markers, 
but i'm guessing they would've worked well
for something like this.

The paper absorbed the liquid acrylics
better than i thought it would
and it was thick enough
not to buckle the paper much at all.

a few colors and added white bubbles,
and there you have it.

i ended up doing her hair with brush markers
and i don't like it so much,
but it's done, so no regrets. 

Next time, i'll know better. 

the little curious fish...
caught up in the waves of excitement. ;-)

I wanted her face a little softer than the rest
so i used colored crayons.
The coloring was so smooth on this paper...
i can't wait to do another one.

Maybe i'll do a little series?
Little girls at the beach.

By the way, i'm looking at doing a giveaway soon...

I'm not sure how it all works
to make sure it's a legitimate winner
but i'll be letting you know when it all comes together.

i may end up doing something like this illustration
The winner would get an original from moi,
hopefully to be hung on their own wall,
to make them smile when they see it,
and not sold at an auction somewhere in Minnesota
for like a gazillion dollars.


A girl can dream, right?

Thank you all so much for visiting and commenting here...
It really makes my heart happy.


  1. oh a give away:) That sounds great!
    I love your painting and how you show all the different stages of the process. I also look forward to seeing more of your boat painting as it progresses. Have a wonderful day! keep up the great art:) FranT xo

  2. I've never seen a cuter girl in the waves. She is oddly unemotional, which makes her interesting. I like her wild hair colors! The eye floating off her face...the happy fish...the toothpick arm...even if she isn't smiling, she made me smile. Is that wrong? She could be drowning, after all. ;)

  3. And your blog makes my heart happy!!!

    Love the illustration...take a photo, put it in photobucket and do a quick edit on that hair if you don't like it!! She is adorable...and the painting wow nice start!! Of course you know I love the eyes!!

    I just got some copics for my birthday....LOVE THEM!!! I will be topping those babies up with more!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Pauline!!! Your girl is amazing! I LOVE it!!! Seriously, I am in awe!!
    I think you'd really like Copic markers once you've tried them - they are so smooth and the blending is superb - they do have a little learning curve to them though.
    Just yesterday I was in HL and picked up a pad of paper for "dry" mediums and thought that it would be good for most things but then put it back - wonder if it was the same stuff?

  5. I just love her!

    I also think I'll start to collect pictures of eyes. You made a beautiful piece of art with yours...I'll save mine as inspiration. Drawing & painting eyes is hard for me.

  6. Well I LOVE your girl on the beach and would definitely love to see a series!!! Can't wait to see the boats when it's done too.

    If my house ever sells and we can finally move, I really must go for a little visit and get me one of your paintings...I love your work!!!

    matante Sylvia

  7. Hip, hip... hooray a giveaway!!! :]
    Super fun, I can not wait.
    Awww... "little girl at the beach", is a fantastic series!
    This illustration holds fantastic art
    elements, along with the feelings of life, color, and fun... all wrapped up into one piece of work. Great job Pauline. ((hugs))

  8. You are so versatile in your style and technique! Can't wait to see how the boats turn out. Love the little girl as well!

  9. Pauline, You have an Amazing Talent.

  10. Pauline, you are SO creative!!! I love the painting in progress. And your girl in the ocean is gorgeous!! I like that you added water media regardless because it worked a treat.

    I'll look out for your next giveaway...must have missed the last one. How awesome it would be to have one of your originals.

    Have a blissful weekend,
    Serena xo

  11. I can't wait to see more of that boat painting, it looks lovely in composition!

    Your wave girl is also adorable and super fun.

  12. Hi Pauline, these are absolutely ADORABLE...very colorful and playful! I found you through the Fearless Movement :) Glad to have connected with another artist...cheers!

  13. Hi Pauline,
    Just found you via the Fearless Movement. Your art is so fun and happy. Love the little girl in the waves. :)

  14. Oh, I love her Pauline! And I love how you paint so many red-haired girls ;-) Can't wait to see that finished boat piece and for your give-away!!! xoxo

  15. Hi Pauline, I'm glad I found your blog via the Goddess Circle. This is inspirational stuff. Love & blessings, Lisa

  16. Oh I love her. She'd make an excellent header for your blog. For me, she looks like she is a mermaid peeking up but then, I love water! :D

  17. just saw your interview on Jennibellie's s blog. wow! you are very talented love the girl in the water, a series on that would be interesting, i would like to see what you come up with next. thanks for sharing your wonderful inspiring story AND beautiful works

  18. just saw your interview on Jennibellie's s blog. wow! you are very talented love the girl in the water, a series on that would be interesting, i would like to see what you come up with next. thanks for sharing your wonderful inspiring story AND beautiful works

  19. Thank you ALL for your wonderful comments...

    Sylvia, come by anytime. You don't need to sell your house to get one of my paintings. i'm not Picasso. ;-)

    I'll be catching up on your blogs soon. Can't wait to see what you've all been up to! xoxo

  20. This is gorgeous! Love the colors and whimsy! Thanks so much for joining us for the June challenge and sorry I didn't make it around sooner to comment!

    Heather :)
    Artists in Blogland