Thursday, June 28, 2012

and the winner IS....

hello folks!

See all your lovely names here?

I was looking so forward to picking the winner's name,
it's not even funny.

You'd think i was giving away a friggin' car... :-)

I put all the little pieces of paper in this lovely red cup...
picked a name, and...

it's the lovely April Cole!!!

I would've been happy to see anyone's name here, honestly.
This is almost as exciting for me as it for you!
I am in such need of having more fun in my life. ;-)

April, expect an email from me soon (for your address)
so i can send the little Scuba girl on her way to your home.

Congrats, girl!!
I'm happy it was you. :-)

And this was last night's play time.

Dry pastels on textured paper...

A happy lime balloon,

in honor of the talented April, our lovely winner...

I had fun doing this.

Love the messy feel of pastels on my fingers.

Thank you all for playing along.
i know this won't be my last giveaway. :-)

There is some truth to the saying
that it feels better to give than to receive.

Although if anyone's in the mood to give me a car,
i'll happily accept, no problemo.

Wishing everyone a great day!


  1. Congratulations to April! How lucky! I like the lastest drawing as well!

  2. I must need more in my life too, I found it exciting. Well done Apryl.

    Great Drawing today, love the little girl.

  3. That was exciting! Congrats April. Love the lime balloon

  4. congrats to the winner and I love this pic....Phantom had a dress just like that, except blue, so not just like that but you know what i mean, and she had plaits like that as well... we call it her pippi longstocking stage and it was just so friggin cute... thanks for the reminder...xx

  5. I WON... I M A WINNER!!!
    Hip, hip... Hooray!! You bet I am excited!! :)
    Thank you, thank you... THANK YOU! ((hugs))
    I can not wait, this will be hung in our new home; such an honor Pauline. A treasure that will last
    me a life time... <3

  6. You couldn't have picked a better gal Pauline! Love today's girl. There is something so delicious about getting our fingers dirty with art supplies. That must be the reason I never seem to clean the paint out from under my nails, right?!

    Thank you so, so much for the amazing supportive comments on my blog this week. You're a dear, dear friend xoxo

  7. Congrats to April!
    Love the girl with the lime balloon. :)

  8. RATS!! That's what I get for falling behind in Blogland...I miss out on Giveaways. ;) Congratulations to April!!

    LOVE your balloon girl...a very happy, fun piece. :)

  9. Congratulations April!
    I remembered this giveaway...just came to see who the winner was...:)
    I am so much in with the balloon girl!!!!!<3