Wednesday, June 6, 2012

character strengths & making art

hi everyone!

ok, i have a few things on my mind these days...

First of all, like many people on the planet,
i feel overwhelmed these days.

The good news is, right now,
i'm overwhelmed with good stuff.

In the past year or so,
i've read everything i could get my hands on about

I've also taken a few wonderful e-courses
that have really helped me grow as an artist
and helped me become confident enough
to not only find my own voice,
but listen to it.
For once.

These are some of the notes i took
while i took the fabulous e-course called
with Beth Nicholls.

That first e-course 
was a turning point for me.
(thank you Beth!)

Creativity has become a habit for me now.

If a day passes where i can't express myself
through words or paint (for whatever reason!),
i'm out of sorts.
i don't feel grounded.
i feel like something's missing from my day.
I'm a pain in the ass. ;-)

So being creative is not a problem for me,
because it is who i am.

Skills can always be improved,
but being creative is not something i need to learn how to do
- it comes naturally.

Many of you are in the same boat, i'm sure.

However - the business side of creativity
knowing how to make moolah with my art, 
understanding the marketing side of things,
now that's a problem for me - 
because it is not who i am naturally.
So i need to work on that stuff
a little harder,
by taking e-courses,
by reading books,
by learning from others.

Some of you may be marketing geniuses.
Woot! Woot!
Buy yourself a balloon.
I'm not.

This is why it's such an exciting time for artists right now
because we have everything at our fingertips,
and there are so many wonderful ressources out there!

There's so much we can learn from others
and it never ceases to amaze me
how quickly others are willing to share.

Whether we choose to take advantage of this or not
is up to us.

But it's there.
Hence... feeling overwhelmed at times. :-)

There's so much information out there,
it's easy to get caught up in the trap
of comparing ourselves to others...

I don't have enough

I don't do enough

I'm not cool enough

I'm not young enough

I am not enough...

Trust me, even if you're not plugged into social media 24-7,
you'll be ok!

So if i comment on your blogs a little less often
or post on my own blog a little less often
it's not for lack of love. ;-)

It's probably because i'm painting
or writing
or walking at the beach,
trying to absorb all this awesomeness around me
without losing myself. 

As artists,
i think it's important to remind ourselves now and then
of our own character strengths
and not let ourselves be swallowed
by others.

What makes YOU tick?

What are YOUR strengths?

Where do YOU shine?

When are YOU at your happiest?

Do that.


Life is short.

Years ago, I remember telling a writer friend of mine,
that i wanted to be a writer someday.

"Then write", he said.

It really is that simple.

You wanna be an artist, you say?

Then make art.


  1. Yep definitely same boat here!! Awwwwww everything I'm feeling wrapped up in one post!! I'm exactly the same in thinking creativity is more important than skill, you can have all the skill/talent in the world but if you have no inner creative drive then effectively you don't have the skill/talent because you're not going to make anything out of it. I've been v.slack last few days with creativity due to jubilee and migraine and been hellish for it haha but back on it today yay!! Much love JB xx

  2. Great post!!
    "make stuff that feels good to make" - yup - good motto for life!

  3. It is a real challenging time in the economy right now. I think it will make people even more resourceful than they are already. I think a lot of New ideas will come to light.... With the access we all have to information. It just blows my mind.... I think of how different it is now compared to back in the 60's and 70's when I grew up.
    and I agree... Make Art.

  4. Ah, yes. I'm hearin' ya Pauline! I've been poking around our mutual ecourse this evening--yikes. So much!! I just keep hoping I can get 'caught up' while I'm on vacation shortly. Fingers and paint brushes crossed! xx

  5. Fantastic... I want to make art!!! :]
    Thank you for such a sweet reminder, to keep rediscovering myself.
    Everything is possible...
    make time to believe in yourself, always! ((hugs))

  6. I do agree with what you say. Great post! It´s hard to find the right balance between the computer and making art...

  7. Not sure marketing comes naturally to anyone, at least not from the start, it's something to work on, always!

  8. Ive never done "Do What You Love", but even just the mailing list inspires me ;)
    Thanks so much for your comment on ma new wee blog, so great to connect in this space.
    See you soon! {around the circle - isn't the business goddess course fab?? and the blogosphere!} xxx

  9. Hello Pauline, ah I love coming here! Yes you are so right, those thoughts on just doing what you need to do, what you love doing, it's all so simple really! I think we just need to keep things simple in our lives. I'm all for simplicity and loving what really matters is just it. Keep on fully believing in yourself, it's wonderful and creating as you do, your girl at the train station is a very beautiful piece, thanks for sharing your art and thoughts with us Pauline, take care. xx

  10. What a wonderful post! And so true. You do what you need to do for you. I am also amazed at what you can learn online these days--just about anything! Enjoy!! :)

  11. Great post Pauline. Art and creativity for me is absolute therapy. I am not sure what I would do or who I would be without it. It can be so easy to fall into the trap of comparing and I know when I do this that nothing I do can be good enough. But the question is good enough for who? “Make stuff that feels good to make”…… it really is that simple. Sometime I just need reminding! Thanks

  12. the comparing is such an easy trap to get caught in! I forget that my differences are what make me special, and what make what I offer desirable -- because it's not a carbon copy of what's "right." :)