Saturday, October 27, 2012

What happens when you don't bully art

hello friends.
Welcome to my imaginary world.
And in case you're wondering, no, i haven't even had any wine. ;-)

Just a few little fun doodles to get me in the mood.

...lines and watercolour

another good quote...

I haven't felt much like making art these days,
but i decided to play a bit with collage tonight.

The best decision i've made all week. :-)

It's funny how quickly i can go from a crappy mood
to a pretty good place, with nothing but art.

I began with a few pieces of collage from a magazine,
and as soon as i started adding the turquoise and white paint,
i could almost feel my mood lighten... soften... 
like burdens were being lifted.

Sometimes, we need space away from the art table.

I agree that art can help us through difficult times,
but I also believe that sometimes,
art must take a back seat to other things,
and patience is so important.

Trusting in the flow of things.

Art should not be forced.

Sometimes, what's needed is a walk in the woods,
or a good movie
or coffee with a friend
or a hot fudge chocolate sundae (yes, with peanuts, of course)
or a night on the couch with a good book,
or a good man,
depending on how lucky you are. ;-)

 Whenever i go through less creative periods,

i never feel like the well has run dry.

I always trust that when my heart is ready again,
i'll find my way to the drawing table,
and it'll happen,

It always does.

And with each brush stroke, or line, or piece of paper glued...
i breathe a little easier
and know that i am home again.

 As i was cleaning up the scraps of paper i had used for the collage,
i found this one
on the opposite side of the turquoise colour i had cut up.
It struck me very strange that the letters were cut up exactly as they are here.
(When i was cutting, i was looking only at the turquoise side!)

I don't paint flowers very often,
so these few words made me smile.
A reminder perhaps that I have stories to share.

That we all have stories to share.

Yes. We do.



  1. Totally agree - art is great, but forcing it kills the experience ( and the art) great post! Happy PPF!

  2. Beautiful :).
    Stay inspired!

    I really like the collage painting, Pauline. :]
    I agree... art should never be forced.
    Hoping all is well ~xx

  4. Your doodles are cute, and I love seeing the way your collage developed into such a lovley painting.

    How strange that the garden quote found its way to you so clearly.

    Hope all is well with you and yours.

  5. Thank you for sharing through your difficult times. Your posts have become an inspiration for me. I am encouraged to realize that we all really do go through similar trials. Thanks again.

  6. Great post as always. Your collage is beautiful... ♥

  7. This is a beautiful, fantastic post, and I LOVE your collage and colors and doodles and quotes. I really wish I cold click and Favorite a post. I'd do it to this one.

  8. Pauline - (((((hugs))))). I love your flower and love the message that the universe whispered to you. xoxo

  9. That flower is stunning! It would make a great quilt.

  10. Lovely, lovely post! Your flower and the thoughts that go with it are perfect. :)

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  12. So much truth in so few words!! Wonderful artwork, a very special post!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. You wisdom and creativity is inspiring. That collage is MAGIC!

  14. Awesome. Love your thoughts as much as your collage

  15. What happens when we don't bully ourselves to create art, which is really who we're bullying when we bully art. Nice post and art.

  16. Beautiful illustrations, I love the orange / yellow concentric circles and that great creativity quote!

  17. I enjoyed this very much Pauline.. You have lightened my mood too!

  18. Lovely creation, Pauline! I enjoyed the way it developed. Finding creativity is a 'natural' process as you have written so beautifully and feeling sunshiny is our welcome result!

  19. Delightful doodles and a beautiful collage. A very thoughtful and thought provoking post-beautifully said. Happy PPF!

  20. Hi Pauline,

    I loved your art, but I have to say I loved your words even more and couldn't agree more on all of your thoughts. Imagine the forgotten garden what treasures it holds : ) Lovely post.

    Annabelle m^._.^m ~^..^

  21. I like your warm up exercise doodles, but i LOVE your rosé collage. That design would make an amazing stained glass piece. Blessings!