Tuesday, October 16, 2012

big space, small space and burnt offerings

Here is my secret:
It's very simple.
It's only with the heart that one can see rightly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye.
-Antoine de Saint Exupéry - Le Petit Prince

I made no art last night,
so instead of sharing art,
i will share my space with you. :-)

Welcome to my studio/work space/thinking ground...

This is where i do a lot of my work.
(by the way, it's usually not this clean... i just cleaned it!)

It's where i read and write early in the morning,
and design and doodle during the day.

The evenings usually find me in my little blue room,
in a different part of the house, downstairs.

It's funny how this space just feels too big for me
at night.
Too big to paint.
Too big to feel cozy.

There's crap all over the floor,
but the thing i love most about this room
is the window. The sunlight.

I read somewhere that we are biologically wired
to go towards the light.

Isn't that interesting? It is to me.

Naturally, i think most of us would gravitate 
towards the window.

I surround myself with things that inspire me...
Do you?

artwork from others that i love.
I'm not great with getting things framed,
and i often end up with the art and messages
stuck on the wall with scotch tape. ;-)

But that's ok, as long as i can see them, they inspire me.

My chinese balls with the sound chimes,
for stress relief when i need it,
and these Chinese papers that I was going to use in my journal,
but then i learned that they are normally used as "burnt offerings"...

Whenever i think of burnt offerings,
i think of all those people who were burned to death as sacrifices to the gods.

They're GODS!! Surely, they already have everything they need, right? ;-)

You all must know by now that i refuse to be normal,
and that if i offer anything,
it won't be given in the form of fire...
so i'll be using them in my journal anyway. ;-)

More inspiration.

My Picasso print... (a bit fuzzy)
I just love the tenderness and melancholy in this...

And one of my own paintings, that i look at now and then,
as a reminder.

Remember to surround yourself with inspiration.
And don't let others define inspiration for you (including me!)
Define it your own way.
Inspiration is whatever moves YOU.

Thanks for hanging out with me here.


  1. Hi Pauline ... first time visitor here. Love your space, clutter and all. I'm a firm believer that neat and tidy stifles creativity. ;)

  2. Love your bright and spacious work room! I usually collect the images/inspirations into a file, then when I have the time, I stick them into my journal. Now I have files of images to sort through since I haven't had time to do more than keeping up with my sketch challenge! :-)

    With regards to the Chinese printed papers that you have, the ones with the "emperor's head" are currencies to be used by the dead in the underworld. I've always found them to be very beautifully designed, although the family elders and those who are more superstitious would frown upon seeing children use these papers for anything other than offerings. Personally, I would see them as a kind of Chinese folk art.

  3. Hello Pauline, whenever I come here I enjoy looking at all your posts and lovely art, your personal space is just lovely, looks so peaceful. I art here in our living room where we live and cook and everything happens so that studio of yours looks like such a peaceful place. Still I'm happy to have my moments for me, that's just so good. Great to visit you again Pauline, take care and thanks for sharing with us! xx

  4. Pauline, I love the way you inspire and encourage with your words. You have an awesome studio space! I have more space in my garage studio now since no. 2 son moved out so I plan to rearrange a bit and play.

    Hwee - That's very interesting...thanks for sharing.

  5. I just had to clean up my studio this weekend. My mind was a tornado and the messes all around me did not help one bit. I have it all tidy and clean so I get painty and messy and creative. Your studio is so open and bright! What a fabulous place to create!

  6. Thanks for sharing. It's nice to see another artist's space and how others create :).
    Stay inspired!

  7. Love your artist loft, Pauline!
    What an inspirational, slice of heaven. :]
    Thank you for sharing...

  8. Thank you for sharing your wonderful space with us Pauline. I too love windows. The bigger the better, just let the sun shine in.

    I read on your blog once that you hung your unframed work on a line in your studio. I decided that would work for me as well. Now, I sit on my couch and admire what I have created. It helps me to realize not only that I like my own work but how much I have grown. Thank you for sharing a great idea.

  9. what a wonderful space you have and I like that you admitted you cleaned up;) Its always nice to see where people do their work, and you have a nice large space. I noticed you have some Van Goghs on the wall, love his chair painting. Doesn't surprise me that you have them up as inspiration as you use similar types of bright colors in your paintings as well! had to chuckle seeing the stool under your desk, very smart. I have something similar, easier on the legs isn't it:) I love this post and thank you for inviting me in!

  10. Wow! I think I'm jealous ...
    Love that painting of yours! Very true.

  11. Thank Pauline.. wow do I feel peaceful right now..
    I really enjoyed touring your wonderful work space and seeing your inspirations. it was very calming...

  12. Your workspace is big and beautiful...and clean! I love your painting!

  13. Love your studio...It looks lovely and I love the fact that you surround yourself with inspiration!


  14. What a gorgeous area to work in - the light truly does draw one into the room!

  15. Love your studio, especially the window and the floor! I just got a new work space - it's not a whole room, but it is a great improvement to the kitchen table and daughter's desk, so I'm happy!

  16. Pauline! Your space is just wonderful. What a gorgeous haven for light and creativity. And I'm so, so touched that my postcard is front and center on your desk [blush]!! A beautiful space for making beautiful work darlin' xx