Wednesday, October 3, 2012

if we have a choice, we are already the lucky ones

hello my lovely followers!
(yes, if you're following me - you are lovely!) 

Last night, i watched the PBS documentary called HALF THE SKY.
(you can watch a trailer here).

This morning, i woke up and felt like this.

Some days, I walk on air
and other days
i carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Today is one of those days.
The PBS documentary.

Lack of sleep.

Overdue and unexpected bills to pay.

A sick mother.

Tight deadlines.

Lack of energy and focus.

A broken heart.

A fork in the road.

Unanswered questions.
So before i spiralled into denial, 
and a frustrating, unproductive morning -
i made the choice to shut down the computer,
get my flip flops
and walk to the beach near my home.

And there, i sat quietly with my hands and feet in the sand,
and listened to the wisdom of the ocean.

I contemplated how lucky i was to have choices.

I listened to the crashing waves
I heard the wind in my ears
and the air in my lungs.
I watched the birds as they flew
only inches from the water
and wondered how they knew this would ease their flight.

heard my heartbeat.

I thought of those little girls
somewhere on the other side of the globe
and the misery they bear
and I could hardly make sense
of how different two realities can be
on this one same planet.

Beliefs can make us or break us.
Some of these girls are taught that they have no choice.
Some of these girls have a choice, but don't yet know it.
We take choice for granted.

Some of these girls believe they deserve no more
than a miserable existence,
because it is god's will...
Regardless of whether or not we are here

in this moment

life is.

Watch a sunset or a sunrise.
Notice the moon and the stars.
Hug someone you love.
Take a walk in the woods.
Go to the ocean.

Take it all in, while you can
and if you can,
be a beacon for those who are in the dark.


  1. Great post ~ very inspiring ~ must be something 'in the air' ~ I had Yoga last night and was tearful this morning and it is raining so no walk (don't feel like it anyway) ~ see tears as healing ~ and did some art and will do some haiku and poetry ~ sending you lots of healing hugs and well wishes for the week ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. (((HUGS))) I think I saw the same documentary :(. I'm glad you took hold of your choice to go to the ocean and breathe.
    Stay inspired!

  3. I know that empathy does not mean getting in someone's hole with them, but I was in it with you anyway today. Quite a spectacularly low point. I went to the beach too.

    I read about that documentary but don't have PBS - I don't think we'll get to see it here for a while. I've been thinking about it though.

    Jeez I must be tireder than I thought, I can barely string a sentence together. Anyway, just saying hey. xxx

  4. The ocean does have a kind of wisdom to it, doesn't it? You are so blessed to be able to walk to it any time you like. :)

    I learned recently that it is okay to have a crummy day, to embrace the crumminess of it. We aren't supposed to be happy all of the time. That would be kind of weird.

  5. Pauline - you are so wise, my friend, your words touched my heart. xoxo

  6. Such a nice post. I didn't see the documentary and I only heard about it today when I listened to last weeks "This American Life" on podcast while I hiked with my dog. I have been feeling blah, blah, blah and feeling sorry for myself lately. Even after my lovely hike with my dog. Now reading this I am really reminded that the things I let bother me can never outweigh how unbeleivable blessed I am. Thanks for the lovely post and helping me keep things in perspective!

  7. You are not alone. That list has been mine at times! I always find the ocean a conduit to finding peace and healing. On the down days I too look at the less fortunate and find solace in knowing I am blessed with what I do have!!

    Watched the trailer but missed the documentary, darn it! I hope it repeats like pbs often does! I just watched a movie the other day about trafficking women "The Whistleblower" with Vanessa Redgrave. I've seen a few movies on this subject however this one is even more intense and scary to know just how infiltrated it is!! Vanessa seems to play in many movies with compelling dimension.

    Deep post, thanks for sharing your intimate self once again!! Wishing you love, laughter, and abundance!!

    Big hugs Giggles

  8. This is such a beautiful made me teary. I think I am speechless.

  9. Powerful post! Your words with the pictures told a story that has such an important message!

  10. Honest post from the heart. Powerful and true. I love your voice. :)

  11. We are so lucky. I often think about the difficult lives of girls from some un-elightened parts of the world. Whole lives ruined for no good reason. I ty not to get too depressed, but it does have that effect. I wonder if we can really be any help, if not for today, but for the future. We can only hope so!

  12. Pauline you are so right. we carry the weight of the world around with us... and sometimes there is no time and space left for us... if we have a choice we can't forget about ourselves.

  13. Such a great post....Truth is always deep....Sending some healing your way and remember to just breathe deep...........


  14. Big hugs to you, dear sister. I hate being in "the dark place", it's so lonely there. KNOW how much you are loved and appreciated ♥

  15. what you have written is stunning..I don't know why I didn't see this on Wednesday but here on Friday morning I so needed to read this. I'm so glad to know you and get to benefit from your wisdom.

  16. Interesting doodles, they don't need hearts. Check out Adria Arch, she does a lot of interesting work with mark making like this.

  17. there are times when I am so grateful I have chosen to live in a smaller bubble and BE mindful of where I go BEyond my little bubble...

    and sometimes I go BEyond my little bubble BEcause someone has left a trail of crumbs and shared heartache and heartbreak in a way that reminds me that my CHOICE is to live in my bubble.


    I have watched the trailer and am Now going to watch the first part. It's available on PBS online until the 8th part 1 and the 9th part 2.

    I am glad you found your way to the ocean and to a place that reminded you. And even more, I am glad you have shared this here and I have just read it BEcause it is a good time for me to let something in.

    Even though it will hurt.

    And bruise.

    My heart.

    You are brave and I am encouraged by your courage.


  18. I feel the same way some days and i agree, nature soothes!