Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the sapling king...

I found this little tree near a brook by my parents' home. It almost looked brave there in the snow, welcoming spring in its own way. I loved the shadow cast on the snow & the fact that it stood there  - quietly waiting for warmer days. Nature is a wonderful teacher. If only we were all so patient. Most of us don't take the time to observe our surroundings long enough to appreciate such beauty. We rarely even notice the little things, because we're too busy with our to-do lists. We're too busy "DO-ing". Toni Morrison (the author) once asked, "if you thought about your to-do list, about what you needed to do today, and considered only the things you must absolutely do, those things that are crucial in your life, what items on your list would you be left with?"
For me, there are really only a few things I MUST do today, or I will die... :o)
1. be a good mother to my son
2. writing, reading, art

Of course, I also realize that bills need to be paid, so i don't always play. But I make it a point to play as often as I can... and to be a good mother to my son. 

What would you have on your list? :o)


  1. Wow!! The tree looks like an actual photograph!! :D

    I had to ponder a while about what I would put on my crucial to-do list... Here's what I've come up with:

    1-Breathe Deeply

    2-Behold... really look at things and be fascinated by them

    3-Love, Share and Laugh with people

    4-Talk to God

    (Some day I hope I can be a mother too!! :) )

  2. Hey Pauline, I don't check in here enough, but seeing you today reminded me to look up your blog :) Love the illustration! Great composition...

    My to-do :

    1- Laugh
    2- Question

    the rest is all fluff :)