Monday, March 7, 2011


I don't attempt abstract painting too often. Now you know why. :o) Abstract is far more difficult than it appears. Of course, not all abstract is good abstract and precisely because there are no set guidelines or techniques, it's difficult to determine whether a painting is good or bad. Who makes such a decision? What makes a painting good or bad? Ultimately, for me, it always boils down to this: how does the painting make me feel? Is there something about it I love? Do the colors or the contrast or the form bring me back to a specific memory? Does something in the painting make me question something about myself? Do I feel good when i look at it, or does it just make me think, "WTF"? For me, it's never about who judged it worthy or not. We have countless masterpieces from the past that were judged "unworthy" at one point or another. It's all about having an open mind & heart... & trying to appreciate it for what it is - without judgment. 

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  1. Tru dat!!! ;D

    This painting personnally makes me feel good :) It reminds me of an elementary school classroom. That's just my point of view :) I love how everyone has different points of view!!