Monday, September 23, 2013

the good, the bad, and the ugly dust bunnies...

hello everyone...
Hope your weekend was good.
I've had better - but that's life,
isn't it?

The good, the bad, and the ugly. ;-)
i wanna share this with all of you,
to remind us ALL that we need to look deeper sometimes
than just what we see on the surface.

Recently, a local man who is married with children
and respected by the community
did something a little funky.
He stopped paying his bills, including his mortgage.
While he was doing this,
he was posting on facebook
about how to be successful
and how to market yourself as a leader.
He usually dressed in a suit.

He was creating his self image
as an intelligent leader,
when he was anything but.

Long story short, they almost lost the house
and he and his wife are separating.
While i don't know the whole story,
i know enough to know 
that he was living two lives
for whatever reason.

He obviously wanted something different
than what he was living,
or he was projecting something different
than who he really was.

It got me thinking about how many more out there
are projecting something
or someone, they are not?

Healers who claim to have the "gift" to heal others
when their own lives
are in shambles -
when their own hearts
need tending
before they can help anyone else.

A woman who projects the image of being a good mother
drowns her own children in a bathtub
and the neighbours almost always say
"she seemed very nice…always smiling & playing with the kids."

There is a catholic priest in a nearby community
who has several allegations against him of sexual abuse.
When the story came out in the local paper,
several more men came forward to admit that 
they had also been abused by this priest when they were young.

This same priest walks into a local business a few weeks ago
head held high,
proud as a peacock.
No guilt.
No shame.

His victims carry more shame than he does.
They shouldn't - but they do.

It got me thinking about how many people are out there,
projecting an image that is very different
from who they really are.
I am always very skeptical whenever i see someone
that looks (or sounds) too sparkly.
Too perfect.
Perfection = distrust (for me).

I want the messed up hair once in a while.
i want the untied shoe,
the bad day,
the dirty car,
the dirty dishes,
and the dust bunnies on the floor.

Lately, i've been seeing a lot of perfection on-line.
e-courses, workshops, seminars, e-books…
put on by people who seem to have perfect lives,
and who look like they could be
on the cover of GLAMOUR magazine.

But is this what success really is?

Does this mean they've made it, and we haven't?

Does LOOKING good actually mean BEING good?

Let's not forget that sometimes,
a pretty package is just that -
a pretty package.

And sometimes,
what people project to society
is far from who they really are
on the inside.
wishing you all a great week
filled with imperfection
and sincerity.


  1. Hello Pauline your art is as lovely as ever, I love this piece, it's peaceful! Oh so right you are about so many people that are not true. I love the sincere and genuine
    souls, there are indeed not enough of these folks around, still as long as you're true to yourself then that's what counts and keeps you happy! Have a wonderful imperfect week! xx

  2. Sometimes the right words come across your path just when you need to hear them. I was SO ready for reading this post. Thank you!

  3. I just loved your piece and couldn't agree more.

  4. So much truth here Pauline.... However when I have company I like to put my best foot forward just like when blogging. I may choose not to whine or complain about every ache and pain or show the inside of a dirty closet.... out of pride and respect for the readers. You are right about people living double lives though...when it looks too perfect there is always something amiss.... it just is!! Or the person has no self esteem and is trying harder because they don't think/feel they're good enough! Sadly we can't take things at face value...or envy others because it's not always what it seems! But this gorgeous painting is perfect in every way!! Great post!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. A very interesting post, full of truths, and a lovely painting. I love watching it develop.

  6. Such an array of beautiful work. I love all the different styles and your imaginative writing bring them to life

  7. Wonderful post Pauline. Oh, you hit the nail on the head. Let's hear it for our authentic, imperfect selves and all of our dust bunnies. Beautiful painting. xoxo