Monday, May 27, 2013

mother and child, and the fabulous Rodriguez...

mother and child...
a photo i found in a magazine that i thought was adorable.

i'm trying to paint a little more loosely...
I kept the same colors for mother and child.
2 browns and a blue. 
i love the warmth of this...
both dresses blowing in the wind.
As well as trying to paint more loosely,
i'm also trying to experiment with using different tools.
Like the palette knife.
 No goal in mind here except spreading paint
and adding pencil marks.
Whatever feels right.
And where art can NEVER be wrong,
anything goes!
That's the best part. :-)

What could be flowers.
A noose.
The sun.
more fish... (giggle)

And this lovely quote
forced me to add a star.
Yes, it's dancing. :-)

I watched a great movie (documentary) over the weekend.
Forgot to mention it in yesterday's post.

Called Searching for Sugar Man.

Loved it.
i love happy endings.
So much of life doesn't end happily.
This story does.

Check out the trailer. You might like it.
Thanks for being here.
I've had little time to comment on your blogs,
or respond to the wonderful comments you leave on mine,
but i'm visiting you and i'm so happy to see
so many of us making art
and sharing it with the world.


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  2. Oh my goodness.... wonderful works of art Pauline! :]

    **thank you for your thoughts, sharing your talents, and offering a platform of inspiration. ~xx

  3. Lovely doodly page. I was amazed to find how different it feels to add paint with a palette knife. Have fun with your experiments.

  4. My Son in law Beardo told me about this movie! I can't wait to see it...We were going to watch it together!! I forgot about it!! Have you seen soundcity? Really good too!!

    Love your mother and reminds me of my friends daughter and sweet...You have captured it beautifully!! It seriously could be them!!

    Also love your abstract...very cool!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Great interpretation of the mother and child. I like that you made them more solid and substantial and the cropping.

  6. The mother/daughter portrait is just lovely. Take care Pauline!