Wednesday, January 26, 2011

play time!

I love words - made up or not. I love the differences between one font or another, and how they blend together or push each other apart. So much can be said with only a few words. Basically, this was my play time last night. Don't you just love the word "ubernormous"?? Ranks right up there with "ginormous"...:o) 


  1. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!Interesting
    I look forward to checking your blog. You have a talent combining your painting with your words of wisdom. I thank you for adding joy to my days. I do love the word "ubernormous"

  2. Very cool, Pauline! You're so right, words hold a lot of meaning and should be used wisely. It's the first time I see the word "ubernormous"!! Haha :)