Thursday, February 19, 2015

the year of the goat - and the snow.

29 faces in February,
Day 17
acrylic on paper.
This one scares me.
Eyes way too big.
Shadows way too dark.
Face way too serious.
i look like i'm about to pounce.
Which incidentally... i MAY just do
if this snow doesn't stop soon.
day 18
acrylic on paper (with a sponge)
i love this rough look
although it was a real challenge 
to make it look like me.
I could have used a smaller sponge i guess... :)
Day 19 (today)...
a cartoony version of me.
So here's the thing,
I know you're probably all tired of seeing my face,
and all tired of seeing the snow pics i've been posting,
but here are a few more,
just so you get a better sense of my madness
and of how much fun we've all been having here.
(insert sarcasm here)

a few buried vehicles
 trying to escape through the door...
trying to find the door...

I never used to mind winter much
but the older i get,
the less use I have for frozen forts
and home made igloos.

And it is the Chinese New Year!
The year of the goat...
maybe some of the good karma & warm love
will find their way to eastern Canada
and melt our snow.


  1. Wow, I love all of your different self portraits! Fun!

    I can't believe how much snow you have. The one photo with the two shovelers looked like you had placed toy plastic figurines in the snow!

    Our snow just melted, but more is supposed to be on the way tomorrow.

    Hang in there, thinking of you!

  2. Holy doodle...that is some pile of snow....incredible really. Are you at the north pole or what!!! I know I'd have claustrophobia if I opened my door to that! So freaky, and the poor do they hold out? I am loving every face you have done. So fascinating to see all the different styles...really amazing work. And no the first one is not one bit scary!! I love all the cartoons you've done too. I love how Tommy Kane has everyone do his portrait...yours of him is my favorite...but I could looks at those faces for ages!! Take care and stay warm. At least you have every excuse to create with all that snow binding you in!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I like your dark Day 17 selfie Pauline, It makes you look very still and serene. I also love the contrasting colours you've used on Day18 (vis- a -vis Day 17). These two portraits can be used to show first graders what cold and hot colours do ( a teaching tool idea!) That snow is incredible. Seeing the pictures drives the reality home more than reading about how many inches of snow fell in Eastern Canada. Keep warm my friend and keep painting:) xx

  4. Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purposely, I did not read anything you wrote here!
    I saw the images are very powerful and then
    I looked at the pictures one by one. several times. and I think all of them, your faces, and photographs of snow, all have the same visual strength. All images are very strong.
    Obviously, some are produced by Nature. And the other by your creativity! Always, Nature impresses me. but the creative power of the mind, leaves me speechless!

  5. Love your portrait made with the sponge - mysterious!
    That snow is crazy - we've not had school all week here but have only 1 foot of snow - nothing like your pictures - insane!! Be safe!

  6. Great faces! Love that you're using different techniques for each one. :) Those snow pics are crazy!