Thursday, February 12, 2015

29 faces and how to be alone

Day 9 - 29 faces
a cartoon version of myself
holding your heart in my hands.
It's safe there.
and day 10...
red and green Sharpie markers.
A bit of painting last night...
acrylic on paper...
I'm not so good lately with taking progress shots...
seems like all of a sudden,
i realize i'm almost done 
and i've only taken one photo.
I work full time in an office setting (for now)
where money seems to be 
the topic of discussion on most days.
Making money, saving money,
lack of money, RRSPs, pension plans...
When i first started this painting,
i had absolutely no idea what i wanted to paint.
And almost as soon as i finished it,
i saw myself in this little pig tailed girl...
standing on a mountain of money,
oblivious to the flying money around her...
holding a sign that reads: true
She is not concerned about what goes on around her.
She is concerned about TRUTH.
The air she breathes.
The sunrise.
Waking up in the morning to a new day.
Her art.
Too many people sacrifice happiness
and peace of mind
for the promise of a financially secure future.
But not this girl.
She knows her path in life
regardless of what foolishness goes on
around her.
She may not be rich at the bank
but she's rich in the heart.

I may have shared this video already,
but i love it so much,
i wanted to share it again.
For those who may not have seen it.
A wonderful reminder
that the simple things in life
can be the best...


  1. Hi Pauline. Thank you for sharing this video. I hadn't seen it before. The little pig tailed girl is rich and generous for she shares her riches with all the world. Love your art. The cartoon is my favourite. And after reading this post, I am left wondering- how does she put it all together so well? and how does she know how I feel? Love and hugs to you.

  2. Love your selfportraits! It's amazing how many different ways you can think of of painting/drawing the same person. The little girl on the mountain of maney is very wise ....

  3. Once again, you have provided the words I needed to hear today. Thank you for always sharing so honestly. Your self-portraits are wonderful!

  4. I really love your page with the pig-tailed girl and the idea behind it. It's fascinating and thought-provoking.
    But we have to strike a balance between supporting ourselves and following our dreams, do we not?
    Thanks very much for showing the video again, the happiness of solitude is often ignored and under-rated.

  5. Love how the last girl who is "rich in the heart" goes full circle from your self-portrait of you holding our collective heart your hands.

  6. Pauline, Your Art is always inspiring. Glad you do it!