Sunday, February 8, 2015

self portraits - Frida and me

Is there anything sweeter
than getting a surprise card in the mail?
I didn't think so.
I've made some wonderful friends on-line,
and I've even had the pleasure
of meeting a few in person.
This beautiful Frida card (& quotes!) came this week,
from the thoughtful Stephanie, at
Creative Living Experiment

She is as loving in person as she is on-line.
THANK YOU Stéphanie. 
Your words made my week more tolerable,
and it makes me happy to know
that we are friends.
I've been painting these daily
but posting them a bit late.
Day 4 - another rough day at work
Done in Crayola wax crayons.
Day 5 - from a photo rather than a mirror...
thin blue Sharpie marker.
Day 6, acrylic paint (on index card paper)
from looking in the mirror.
I took my glasses off, 
so very little detail in this one
(because everything was blurred!)
plus I gave myself a sideways glance,
and shorter hair. 
 This one, day 7
i did from memory.
No photo, no mirror.
Whenever i try to draw myself from memory,
i always end up looking like a man.
i FEEL like a woman,
when I look at myself in the mirror,
i SEE a woman,
but for whatever reason,
so many of these self portraits look like men to me.
Maybe my YIN YANG is off balance.
And today, day 8, coloured pencils.
Today is my son's 19th birthday.
Explains the smile, doesn't it?

I'll be back to visit you all on your blogs
as soon as i have a bit more time to myself.
I miss you all. 
Keep making art
and don't EVER feel
like it's a waste of time.
Time spent doing something you love
is never wasted.


  1. LOVE day 8 - it is hard to do smiles with teeth - great eyes!

  2. I am so amazed at your bravery - self portraits are something I might get to some day! But there must be some resemblance in them, because they are all recognizably similar. I love them.

  3. Beautiful post and art! ♥
    Please add a label so all your post show from only one link, I can fix it for you. I will check again.
    Happy birthday to your son! And to you!

  4. Hey Pauline. Happy Birthday to your son- the eyes are smiling with so much love:) My favourite is the sideways glance one on Day 6. Your daily portraits have inspired me to sit and write everyday. Thank you!

  5. Happy Birthday to your son!

    Your faces are all interesting, various techniques and materials, my favorite is number 7, I like the geometrical touch in it.

  6. Pauline! I love that you say. Surely, never, time you spent something you love is wasted time. Moreover. I would say there is no lost or wasted time. every minute that passes in our life. something positive left on us! Have a nice week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. OH! Happy Birthday to your boy!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to your son!! He's legal! 18 is a rough in between age!! Wow on these selfies... I thought number five was your mom....funny how that style does look like her! Wow...impressive how unique each one is yet the same!! You look too feminine to be a man... I think this is a great idea but I don't think I could do it.... Thanks for sharing! Great post!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. OMG I LOVE day 6!!! Love that soft blurred acrylic and those crazy awesome colors. I love that you're doing all of these self-portraits!

  10. so many wonderful faces!

    yes, getting a card in the mail is a wonderful thing!
    i wait till i can sit on the porch or under a tree and open it and give it my full attention.
    so sad how letters and cards are becoming rare.

  11. Selfie! Great idea. The acrylic painting is wonderful.

  12. Wow! I love these portraits! The one thing I hate to do (and I know hate is a strong word) is to make self-portraits. A lot of the girls I draw are modelled loosely after me but they aren't true visual self-portraits.

    I especially love the one with the circles. It’s so different, has such movement. Love!

  13. Oh Pauline I am just catching up here now and am so happy that Frida made it safe and sound. I wasn't sure with all the snow! I am VERY grateful to have connected with you online - and in such a roundabout way too! I can't wait for our next Timmy's meetup, or maybe a visit by the sea, or in Ottawa... hee hee. : )

    Sending love and hugs your way... xox