Sunday, February 22, 2015

time flies when you're having fun

How did it get so late so soon?
- Dr. Seuss
Day 20 - coloured pencils on index card.
Gentle Jesus, where does the time go?
When the weekend gets here
i always think I'll have more than enough time
to do the things I wanna do...
and then all of a sudden,
it's Sunday night again
and I need to prepare for the work week ahead.
This 9 to 5 - 5 days a week crap is killing me.
ok, maybe i'm being a little dramatic
but I am not liking it one bit. ;-)
 Day 21 - acrylic on index card paper
Day 22 - acrylic on index card paper.
I have to say i don't know WHO this woman is
but she's certainly not me.
We are already nearing the end
of 29 faces in February (only 7 to go!)
I must say that I've really enjoyed this.
It got me sitting at the art table
when it would have been so easy just to watch TV.
Plus, i've learned something
with this series of selfies.
It is very difficult to paint myself from the mirror.
If i'm looking at a photo, not so bad.
But from the reflected image - so much more difficult.
Makes sense, since the mirror image is reality (3D)
and the photograph is flat - 2D.
Maybe it goes deeper than that.
Who knows?
I just know that i'd much rather paint
from a photograph.
This is the real me.
Dressed for the season. :)
Thank you ALL for your wonderful comments
and please know that i will respond soon
by visiting your blogs 
and catching up with what you've all been doing.
I saw this quote last week
and thought it was an important reminder
for us all.
Happy week everybody!


  1. Hi Pauline. I sat down to write but decided to sneak into my blog first- always a mistake! Obviously I had to check your post out and boy I'm glad I did- this quote is just what I needed to read to get down to the business of writing what I really wanted to write without worrying about how the reader would perceive it. Thanks. LOve the blue eyes of Day 20. Your 'real' self shines:) love. xx

  2. They're all so different, but still very recognizable as you! I hope spring will soon come in your part of the world, and the 9 to 5-days will soon end :-)

  3. Wow these are absolutely terrific!! Love the photo of the real you all bundled up!! Number 22 is a very ethnic Pauline... I love this series...I hope you put it into a little book with your favorite bits of wisdom...or quotes.. It would make a nice gift for your son or future grandchildren!!

    Hugs Giggles