Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We've all had our share of people who question what we do, or why we do it.
We've all seen those strange looks
after we tell them we are artists
as if part of the sentence is missing.

I used to think that art was just for fun.
That the only purpose for art was to make things more beautiful.

This may be true,
but I now know that art is so much more.

It is beauty,
and therapy,
and a way to communicate.

It is the telling of stories
and the sharing of cultures
through image and colour
and composition.

It is emotion expressed.
It is a way out of the darkness.
It heals
and cries
and sets fire to the soul.

It is a beacon
for those who are lost
and home
for those who are found.

It is truth
because it is essentially 
from the heart.

So for all of you out there
who yearn to create or write or sing or play...
and feel somehow intimidated
or shamed
or not "good enough"

Go ahead.

Let it go and make art.

Don't let anyone (or anything) stand in your way.


  1. Lovely post and painting pauline, half of the time I'm I have all this confidence of which you speak and 'yeah I'm an artist, let them do their worst' attitude, then other times feel completely bewildered when I meet someone who just don't (or don't want to) get it. Last year I had nothing but confidence, so far this year though it's been lacking and so it's kinda hit me like a ton of bricks lol so thank you for the reminder, much love and peace Jennibellie xx

  2. Right on, woman! This is so well said. Wouldn't the world be a beautiful place if we all did what we loved?

    PS I like your painting, she is standing so tall. I strive to teach my daughter what being strong is and that standing up for herself is SO important.

    New follower!!!


  3. Hi Pauline! I love this beautiful post! Words to live by.....words to love by....words to ART by!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. It is nice to connect with sisters over ART.
    Creative Bliss to you!

  4. You captured it - I want to print this out and hand it to a few people who look at me funny when I tell them about my art! So eloquent!!!!

  5. A good reminder and one that can't come too often for me! Thanks for the visit and encouragement.

  6. Fantastic post... needed this, thank you! :]
    Such a lovely piece.

  7. Pauline, are you living in the back of my head? I think that you are. Today you said exactly what I needed to hear and splayed that negative voice that surfaces every once in a while. There are times mostly due to being tired from my day job that I wonder why I am trying to do it all. You've reminded me with such grace and beauty. Thank you, my friend. xoxoxo

  8. Great post, great painting and great message! All so true and to the point!