Tuesday, January 10, 2012

starry night

Sometimes, life throws sucker punches. 

Or maybe it just tries to jolt us into becoming more aware of what's really important.

In the past two years, i've lost a good friend to cancer, my own mother was diagnosed and
is currently in chemotherapy, my father had a severe heart attack and
i've had a few health scares myself,
which i now attribute to mentalpause - (menopause my ass...)

More recently, we have close friends who are going through very difficult times...

I know it sounds so cliché, but when you lose your health, you lose everything.
Nothing else matters.

I've always found it hard to distance myself from another person's pain.
I still work hard on that one,
looking for that right balance between being there for support
and not losing myself in the process.

So whenever i begin to feel overwhelmed,
and there are too many stories of children being abused in the news,
and honour killings,
and cancer,
and acid burnings -
I pull myself out,
and find my way to the good things.

To a long walk in the cold winter air,
and a starry night sky,
and the moon,
if only to remind myself that amongst the chaos of all this "badness"
there is still "goodness" as well.

I get what Ralph Waldo Emerson was saying
when he spent so much time alone in his little cabin in the woods.

Nature is indifferent.

Where i am looking at a beautiful full moon,
someone else is drowning somewhere in the world.

Gratitude for what you have,
or where you are,
or who you are is so important.

If you can't be grateful when things are good,
you'll never make it when things get bad.

Be grateful today, ok?
Don't complain over a broken fingernail.
Think of those who have so much less than you do on this day.



  1. Ugh, so sorry to hear so much is going on in your life right now... there are times like that. When things go bad, I go into denial mode. I keep going but telling myself I'm not there :oP Silly I know.
    As for the other... I call it second puberty!
    I hope you are having a good day, and thanks for stopping earlier at my lil blog.

  2. Well said. I never watch the news (or any tv really) or read papers. And since I started remembering to be grateful as often as I can during the day, more good things are happening, then I am in a better place, and then people feel better for being around me, and it ripples out. That's the plan, anyway.

  3. awesome post Pauline. You're going thru so much but you are able to stay clear headed to remember to be grateful. That is wonderful.
    And thanks for telling me to be grateful too!

    I love your collage as well. That moon is amazing.
    Thanks too for stopping by my blog:)

  4. I also find it terribly difficult to distance myself from others pain. I think that is why I require so much solitude. And like you and Mr. Emerson, nature soothes my soul. I have decided to be grateful everyday this year. :-)

  5. I have so much empathy for people and animals going through illness or abuse that it can overwhelm me at times. I don't watch the news any more for that reason. This year, I am sending out healing to people and animals worldwide via a daily prayer ritual. I hope it helps. I am so grateful for the positives in my life. Wonderful post, Pauline!