Saturday, January 7, 2012

sketchbook project

This is part of a page spread for the 2012 Sketchbook project. It'll be sent out in a few weeks
(end of January) to "tour the world"! and then to its permanent home in NY. 
Part of me thinks "wow!! this is great!! I can share my actual work with so many people around the world!" and then the other (pessimistic) part thinks "oh, come on. There are probably millions of sketchbooks like yours. If 3 people get to leaf through your sketchbook, you'll be lucky". 

But maybe - just maybe... one of those people will relate to something in the sketchbook,
and be inspired to do something themselves?
That in itself is worth it for me.

I'm currently reading a great book by Twyla Tharp called THE CREATIVE HABIT.
A reminder that we are creatively connected in more ways than we think, and that we are all,
in one way or another, like Pavlov's dog. :-)

When i sit myself down in my room, light a candle & turn on some music, there's a switch in my brain that turns itself ON & sends the message to my body that it's time to paint, or write. It's an evening habit for me, but i know people who get up at 5am to honour their creative habits. It's whatever works for you.

Do you have a creative habit? 
Do you tap into your own creativity with rituals or routines?
Are you more creative in certain rooms in your home, or in certain places outside?

Wherever it is you happen to tap into it - go there.
And make the world a more beautiful place,
in your own little way.


  1. Well, I cannot wait to leaf through your sketchbook. Count me as 1 of the 3. Yahoo! :)

  2. Well, I'll follow your sketchbook project for sure! You have inspired me a lot! I wonder what kind of paint you use? Is it acrylic paint or water-color ink? I loved you portrait you did of Michal Jackson and Einstein in the book with note or music (sorry I don't know the word...) That inspired me very much to paint in a book like that.
    (my spelling and grammar is not the best, hope you understand!)

  3. Your pages are lovely, so colourful and 'happy'.
    I am rather flat at the moment creatively and I cannot remember what sets me off. I may give your way a try it sounds very relaxing...
    Have a good year...wishing you lots and lots of creative moments.

  4. Love your journal pages!!!! I grab my creative moments where ever and when ever I get the chance. Mayhaps I should develop some sort of routine and I just might get more things done :0)

  5. I am working to become more organized. I think that having a process like yours is fantastic. I hope to try that too:)