Thursday, January 5, 2012

Here's to 2012...

Hello everyone! Happy new year... 
When i said i was taking a break from blogging, i was serious. :-)
 i must admit it's good to be back, although i still feel like i'm stuck in slow speed and don't quite know where to start - or when.  
The holidays were great, but like most people, i overdid everything and too much of a good thing is never good, so i'm happy to get back to the routine of moderation. Last night, for the first time in weeks, i went into my blue room (photo above) and took out some paper & coloured pencils & just played for a bit.

Just as we often realize the extent of our love for something (or someone) only after it's gone, i often only realize how much i missed drawing or painting after i sit myself down in my chair... and put on some music, and calm myself enough to hear my own breathing. It felt good to be back.

I don't do resolutions. But with each new year, i take the time to reflect on the year passed,
and to look forward to the year ahead.

Even when that year may include the fucking Kardashians. :-)
We make the best of it, right? The good with the bad. Yin & Yang. 

I took this photo on December 27th, when i was visiting my parents. 
A double winter rainbow... ranks right up there with seeing a unicorn. 

My wish for you all in the new year:
that you ALL take baby steps towards your dreams & live the life that allows you to SHINE!

It's time. I said so.  :-)


  1. Hi Pauline,

    Welcome Back! Great to see a post from you. I'm glad you had a nice break.

    Wonderful post and awesome portrait of Mark Twain!

    May you also SHINE in 2012! xo

  2. Love the double rainbow and your Mark Twain too :).
    Stay inspired!

  3. Welcome back and love that your post made me laugh out loud... hate those Kardashian things... just don't get it and they seem to be everywhere... bizarre... as to getting back to the desk... it feels great after a break doesn't it... xx

  4. Hi Pauline ~ I laughed too. And I also saw a double rainbow! Thank you for the gorgeous message you left on my blog. I wish for you everything you could hope for yourself and more. Tara :) xx

  5. Welcome back!! Wishing you great inspiration in 2012!

  6. Oh, my friend, how I have missed you. Happy New Year to you! The double rainbow is stunning and such a blessing. Welcome back!

  7. Thank you for hopping over to check out my blog and my studio. I really love to be challenged so that's why I signed up with Creative Every Day AND I also decided I would do a blog posting each and every day for 2012. If you think of it, come back on Monday, Jan. 9 for a special blog hop to see what all my artists friends word for the year is.

  8. Oh my... I am loving your creative space! :]
    So glad to hear that you are back in the groove!!
    Wonderful rainbow and the quote, perfect for the New Year.
    Can not wait to see your process unfold, again.
    Thank you for stopped by for a visit on my blog. *hugs*
    Do come by again, love your company :]
    And yes!!!! CHECK OUT "THE BOOK OF DAYS"... everyone in the group is so full of love, inspiration, and sharing. Pure bliss...

  9. You had me laughing with your kardashian comment! I don't even watch any TV and i still know waaay too much. How the hell does that happen?! I am glad you're back and looking forward to whats to come:) Oh yeah, I LOL'd at your unicorn comment too. you funny.

  10. Hi Pauline, yes to taking baby steps towards a creative life and wishing you lots of shine time too...