Monday, January 9, 2012

the heart of Auschwitz

Like many stories of the Holocaust,
this story is a testament to the human spirit
and the power of love.

It is also a story about dignity, and friendship,
and how, even in face of hell,
there was hope.

At least there was for these young girls in Auschwitz.

Even with the threat of death, this tiny heart was kept by Fania.
She hid it wherever she could,
mostly in her armpit, 
and prayed that it would never be found.

A small reminder for her that under such torturous treatment,
and hellish circumstances,
 she was still human
and still loved.


  1. Ah that's so sad but beautiful too, how strong is the human spirit. Reading it makes you appreciate your life, all the blessings and goodness in it. x

  2. WOW... that is one of the saddest most beautiful stories I ever heard. It`s no wonder you were touched and inspired by it. What an amazing testament of courage. Thank-you so much for sharing Fania with us. xoxo

  3. The human spirit is an amazing thing - so much to be learned from these girls!

  4. wow fantastic post. I'm speechless.