Friday, March 23, 2018

My blog is moving!

Big news.

My blog is moving!!

Yes, that's right.

I finally have an official website.

I've been working on it
for a while now (at least since late fall)
and although it took me a few months
to finally launch it out in the world,
I'm already excited about the possibilities.

Also, I'm pretty damn happy that I've done it.

I started something, and I finished it.

When I first started this blog,
I had no idea where it would take me.
My main intention at the time was to
share some of my artwork
and connect with other like-minded artists.

Little did I know the on-line friendships I'd forge along the way.

Blogger has served me well,
but it's time for something new.

for your comments and kindness throughout the years.
It has meant the world to me.

You can find me at my new place here

Here's to new beginnings...