Sunday, February 4, 2018

Are we there yet?

Hello people!

Today is sort of an off day.

It's been a month since I've posted here, you guys!
The space we've shared here
is nearing an end.

I won't be disappearing - I'll just be moving.
With every ending, there's a new beginning. :)
I've been hard at work on my new website,
and i'm only a few weeks away
from being live!

It's all a little scary
because you don't want to put something out there
that's done half assed,
but so many people have told me
that a good website is never really done.
That you change and adjust
and add and remove
as you go along.

I believe them.

Also, i went to the bookstore last week
and leafed through the book above (I love Andy Miller)
and when i saw this page, i smiled. 

Yes, thank you Carolyn, for the lovely reminder.

As much as it's a challenge to design my website,
i'm really enjoying it.
Mostly, I'm enjoying the confidence it gives me
with every little step I take.

Initially, I was almost paralyzed in fear.
(I know, crazy, right?! It's a website, not a rocket launcher!)

But once I jumped in and just decided to DO the work,
it all started to flow together.

I can't remember if i shared anything here already,
but here are 2 sample pages:

And of course, I'll be adding ARTWORK in the top menu. :)

This blog has served me well, 
but it doesn't feel like "me" anymore.
Funny how that happens.

How something can work for so long
and all of a sudden, it doesn't feel right anymore. 
I guess it's just time to grow. :)

I've been trying to fill my days
with things that inspire me and energize me,
like art and work and yoga
and books and walking in nature.

At the same time, I try to avoid things 
that drain me of my physical and mental energy,
like the news and Twitter and Trump.

Not an easy thing to do,
but I'm getting better.

Like any good addict,
I relapse now and then, ;)
and find myself checking twitter
while the coffee is brewing...

"just 5 minutes", I tell myself
and then I end up stuck to the small screen
for 20 or 30 minutes
and of course, it always feels
like wasted time.

But I try not to be too hard on myself.

I spend some evenings painting,
writing in my journal,
watching Netflix,
reading good books.

Movies/documentaries I've enjoyed on Netflix lately:

The Danish Girl (I'm late with this one, I know!).
A true (and sad) story.




Jim and Andy (Jim Carrey)


Dirty Money (Especially the episode called CONfidence man). It's difficult not to become distrusting of everyone after seeing this series, but the more we know about something, the better educated we are about the decisions we make in life. 

Thanks for being here,
and I'll let you all know
when my blog moves to the new space,
so you can (hopefully) follow me there. :)

I hope you all have
a restful, peaceful week ahead.



  1. Was wondering where you had gone. Yes, I look forward reading what is on your mind. So now, I will look forward to the new custom designed site.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing your new website Pauline. Your two sample pages are looking great already! Congrats on designing it all yourself. It's a huge job, but it must feel so good when it's finally done. I will surely follow you there :-) Have a great week doing inspiring and energizing things! xx

  3. I think the main thought I am taking from all this...don't be an unforgettable piece of beige. I rather like that, I think I am too beige most of the time, but that is the way I was raised. Beige, safe, respectable and secure. I want to be fuchsia.

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