Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sharpie doodle and the rain...

hello peeps!

I went for my morning walk and just had time to come back
when it began to rain... and then it poured. 

I love the rain.

As long as it doesn't last for a week. :-)

Here's my little doodle, done last night
while i watched a bit of TV with my son.

Done on a piece of leftover card stock (5" x 15") with a black Sharpie marker.

I don't doodle too often, but i discovered last night
that it can be quite meditative. 

Unlike other distractions in life
like tv
or drugs and alcohol
or gambling
or arguing
or facebooking... (yes, it's a verb...) 

Art is about going within
rather than looking for comfort outside of oneself.
Yoga is the same.
Walking is the same.
Music is the same.

The world is filled with intolerance
and hatred
and fear
and anger...
and sometimes, it's easy to get caught up in the storm.

I rarely watch the news for that very reason.

Another person's anger is not my anger,
and what good am i doing the world
by knowing about another murderer,
another child molester,
another rapist?

What good does it do the world
if i carry such judgement and fear and hatred
on my own shoulders?

I am not ignorant.

I know these things are happening, and always will,
but i also know that they take too much out of my own heart
for me to be glued to the TV or the newspaper
day in and day out.

I do not feel any less intelligent by not knowing
every little play by play happening in the world.

I read.
I breathe.
I observe.
I shut up and listen,
to myself and to others.

...honest, i do. :-)

And i do what i need to do 
to make sense of my own world.

Isn't that what we all do?

See what the rain does to me?

It gets me feeling all fucking poetic...

Wishing you all a peaceful day -
one where you don't carry the weight of the world
on your shoulders,
and where you remember how to be kind
to yourself.


  1. What a very enlightened post and your doodles are fantastic ~ love your creations ~ always good to have you 'stop by' ~ enjoy the day ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

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  3. Goodness--had to repost this because I am tired today and cannot seem to spell. ;)

    Ahhh! A woman after my own heart. I stay away from the news as much as possible. If something big happens I always hear about it, regardless. All that negativity, fear, and anger seeps into your soul when you listen to it day after day. I LOVE your giant doodle! It has a soaring feel to it. Your heart was light as your hand danced across the page. :)

  4. Wonderful post, Pauline!
    I agree... I stay away from the news as well. Living is life... adding drama creates an restless soul. Why add such a poison?
    Love your doodles, such a "huge" piece of work too... great inspiration, thank you for sharing. ((hugs))

  5. Thanks for the cuppa needed that. Rained here this afternoon too, I am also doodling, and got out the watercolours today too something I have not done for too long.

    Doodling is deffo under-rated.

  6. What a great doodle! And I never watch/listen to the news or read a paper either. I tried it yesterday after months and months of not, just to see. Big mistake. I could feel my frequency dropping within about three seconds. Information filters through, and as you say, it doesn't mean you're not informed (although really, does it matter if you're not, if you're spreading love and lollipops?). xx

  7. Love your doodles! I wish I can do something like this, then my art journal won't look as plain as they do now! :-)

  8. Such a fun doodle! Must be something about the rain - I've been doodling all week and it has been raining all week, thanks to Debby. I agree with your comments about the news - nothing positive to be gained from it. I much prefer to read blogs like yours. Keep up the good work.

  9. Your doodles are sooo beautiful! Love them!

  10. LOVE the doodle. And am so glad I'm not the only one skipping all the doom and gloom of the news. I don't even like B looking at it on my laptop in the mornings. I don't want that negative energy on my baby! It's only meant for art and beautiful things!