Saturday, June 30, 2012

Danny Gregory

hi everyone.

No art from me today,
but I do want to share something from this man.

Danny Gregory.

I love this man's work.

He is a prolific illustrator and has published
several books and art journals.
 He reminds me that art is life.

He reminds me that drawing can be done anytime,
with anything as a subject.

He is skilled at handwriting
and illustrating
and combining color
but more than anything
he is skilled at living.

He is skilled at observing.
At taking the time.
At sharing a day in the life...

I am grateful for people like Danny Gregory,
who give us a glimpse into their world
through art and words.

Danny reminds me that we all have a story to tell
and that we all have a different way
of looking at the world.

He reminds me that we're all ok.

He also reminds me that
there is room for everyone in this world
and that there can be such beauty
in sharing the most simple things.

The drawing of a bagel

a cup of coffee

a smile

a park bench.

His latest book is this one.
A kiss before you go -
an illustrated memoir of love and loss
(about his wife, Patti)

You can hear Danny talk about his book here.

This one will be sitting on my shelf soon.

Wishing you all a great weekend
and for my Canadian friends,
a WONDERFUL Canada day tomorrow, eh!! :-)

Tomorrow is all about fireworks and lollipops for me.


  1. Beautiful look into Danny's creative life!! He records all the small bits that make life amazing in all it's reality! Looking for the best in people is a true gift. I know many artists that truly revere the beauty in humanity!! He is no exception! Wonderful post!! Thanks for the Canuck love eh!! Same to you!!

    Hugs Giggles
    PS....You never fail to inspire!!

  2. Danny Gregory is such a inspiration! His EveryDayMatters group is what got me into illustrated journaling in the first place. I have a few of his books and I constantly pore over them as they never fail to inspire and motivate me. Great post, Pauline!

  3. I love how reading and staying around bloggers I enJOY so much [one of whom is Y-O-U] introduces me to people and things I mightn't ever have discovered...

    Such is true of Danny Gregory.

    While you say "no art from me today" I think you might want to reconsider... Art isn't always what we think, doesn't always "look like" art, and in fact ART is what I am seeingandreadingandlearning here...

    Thanks for happening upon my path Pauline. You bring me smiles, JOY, and wonderFULL ideas.


  4. Running across the EDM group online was what helped me get back to expressing my artistic side. He's a talented guy! :)

  5. Hi, Pauline! What a wonderful blog you have here. I spotted your link over at Jenny's blog. I'm glad I came to visit - I've had a marvelous time! xoxox

  6. Thanks for sharing Pauline! Danny sounds like quite the amazing man. Happy Canada Day!!! xoxo

  7. What a wealth of paintings and observations about daily life! Amazing! I'm sure the book is just going to be great too! Thank you, Pauline for sharing.

  8. Yes I too really enjoy learning from him as well. I was fortunate to hear him give a presentation at an art retreat once. and I of course have his books, although I didn't know about this new one. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Such a fun post, Pauline. :]
    Thank you for sharing the inspiration!! ((hugs))
    Happy Canada Day!! xxx

  10. Such a fun post, Pauline. :]
    Thank you for sharing the inspiration!! ((hugs))
    Happy Canada Day!! xxx

  11. I hope you all know that i read every single comment and hold every single one in my heart... :-)
    THANK YOU. xox

  12. Danny is such an inspiration!

  13. I can see why Danny Gregory is an inspiration for you! I checked out his blog and YouTube channel, what a soulful man! Now I am following him, and want to read his books. I love what he does. Thank you for posting this!