Wednesday, May 2, 2012

art supplies and angel charms

hi all!

No art today
although i had to share yesterday's purchases.

I'm always so excited about buying new art supplies.

I'm pretty easy to please.

A few things that make me really happy:

art supplies :-)

candles and holders - especially lime green ones

good coffee

good wine

2 hours in a book store

laughing with my son

a haircut (I'm getting one today - yay for me!)

spending time with friends

a good book

the ocean

new underwear ;-)

That's pretty much my list. 

If i had ever married,
the whole "for better or for worst" speech 
would have flown out the window.

I just would have supplied him with this list
and asked for his list.
Bam. Done. :-)

On that note, i want you all to know
that i'm not married, nor did i ever want to marry
nor will i ever marry.

Just to make things clear.
You know me. Clarity is always key. ;-)

ok, now that we have THAT out of the way,
i must also share this.

While i was running a few errands yesterday,
and buying these wonderful treats for myself,
i saw a bunch of little angel charms 
at the Hallmark store.

You know the kind...
the cute little kind,
each one with a different little look
and its own title (and super power!)

I looked at a few of the titles...

courage angel

love angel

wisdom angel

sister angel

and then...

out of the corner of my eye...
(i swear i'm not making this up)

i saw....


Gentle Jesus....
Casino angel.

Are we fucking serious?

i burst out laughing and the clerk came over
to see what she was missing.
She told me she thought it was the most ridiculous thing
she had ever seen too.

And then she proceeded to tell me
it was a best seller.

Have we lost our minds?

I wanted to slit my wrists right there in the store.

ok, maybe i'm exaggerating a bit, but you get my point.

Some say this is great marketing -
and maybe it is,
but it certainly says little for our intelligence
as a species.

Good for a few laughs, i guess...

Happy Wednesday folks!


  1. Anything for a buck...they say :0(

  2. Pauline, You've got to be kidding - casino angel?????

    I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry.....

    Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and your helpful input,


  3. Everything in this post made me laugh my tiny arse off. (Yes, tiny.) Especially 'bam. done.' I'm going to put a list together for the man I'm not going to marry. I think it's going to look quite like yours actually. xx

  4. I agree... it is the simple things in life and are priceless! ((hugs))
    Reading for your "things that make you happy list", tells you what a beautiful person you are from the inside out! :]

  5. Pauline I know exactly what you mean... the older I get the mores things I see that make me go WT_???????

    Your list is great.. simple and perfect.

  6. Casino angel...oh my! And that is why I read frugal/minimalist lifestyle blogs! Your happy list is the way to go - focus on what you really like and forget the rest!

  7. Pauline, I love your super fabulous list of happiness. I'd gladly take anything on there.

    Casino angel? wince. shudder. sigh.

    Hope the new do looks smashing!! xx

  8. Ok, I was cracking up by the time I made it to "new underwear." Most of your list is pretty much what makes me happy as well - including the underwear. :D

    Casino Angel? It's amazing what people will sell and buy. To each their own!

  9. I LOVE your list...and my casino angel does, too!!!

    *ok just kiddin' 'bout that last part*

  10. Thank you for the kind comments.
    Yeah, i wasn't sure whether i should laugh or cry either (re: casino angel!)
    Tara: glad i made your tiny arse smile. :-)
    April: such a nice thing to say... xoxo
    Cat: i'm so glad you clarified that last part. ;-) xoxo

  11. ha! casino angel. Someone is laughing all the way to the bank...
    New underwear is the great, but a fresh new haircut tops that! Love this post!

  12. Hello Pauline!
    Nice to meet up once Again! Love Lori! Was that hot sketchbook from the Brooklyn library yours.? I'll check in again now that we have each other !!

  13. cool post, cool list and a cool 'BAM. Done' too....well the casino angel is HOT :-). Thanks Pauline for visiting my blog....i am so sorry to hear about your friend, and i am sending your mom so many prayers. Its so nice to meet people who have had similar experiences, atlease we know we are talking to some one who really knows what it feels like. I am glad to have found ur blog.

  14. That list is fantastic ! I would go for art supply store, bookshop...great haircut is a never-realized dream. Bam done!

  15. New art goodies- oh, happiness! A casino angel? Really? I don't have one and that might explain why whenever I go to the casino I lose the money I came with...

  16. The simple things in life ARE the best! Loved your list!

    CASINO ANGEL?!! The mind boggles!!! Now, is this Angel charm supposed to help someone STOP their gambling habit or is it supposed to bring someone luck and win them lots of money? I think I know which one most of the buyers would be hoping for. Tsk! Tsk!

  17. Oh, this cracked me up! LOVE everything about it, xo

  18. Oh, this cracked me up! LOVE everything about it, xo